Fei Ling
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Fei Ling
Author :Just_cny
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After Fei Ling feel asleep, Huan walk out to sit in the chair where the table were. A black figure walk over and stand next to Huan, bowing his head low to his master.

"Who ambush me?" Huan said emotionless.

"Third prince master," the man said.

Huan lift his left brow slightly before he break a smile.

"Master," Huan stayed quiet waiting for his response, "when will you return back home? Your grandmother is worry sick and Lihun xiao jie is non-"

Huan's left hand lift up telling him that it's enough. He wasn't planning to return back until his Fei Ling is ready and heal.

"Tell my grandmother that I'll come back soon. I still need to complete an important task," Huan said giving him a message.

"Yes master. Anything else?"

"Give a message to my mother and grandmother. Tell them that my Wang Fei has been decided," Huan said.

The man can only nod his head before disappearing into the shadow back to the capital. Just when night came, the man reach the capital to pass the message down to the Hwang family.

"Dian, is my grandson alive?" Huan's grandmother, Nian Zhen, step down the stairs from her chair.

"Huan is fine ma'am Hwang. He will return once he is finish with a task," Dian the black cloth man said bending one knee in the ground.

"Huan ge is alive!" Lihun said with happiness.

"Yes xiao jie. Huan also want me to retreat a message to ma'am Hwang. Huan has decide his Wang Fei," Dian said making Huan's grandmother step back a bit.

"Please be careful love," Huan's grandfather said.

"H-Huan ge has decide his Wang Fei?" Lihun said tearfully.

After the happiness of him still alive, it went down to tearful in a matter of seconds when Dian said Huan has found his Wang Fei.

"Who's the girl?" The Huan's grandmother said.

"Fei Ling. Low class, live on southern part where the poor village are," Dian said.

"A low class is not worth the title Wang Fei. I will not accept this," she said angrily.

"Ma'am Hwang," Dian said trying to pass down some information, "Huan has decided. He have damage the young lady,"

Huan's grandmother leg weaken and fell down.

"Nian Zhen!" Huan's grandfather walk down to catch his wife.

Everything became chaos in the Hwang's mansion. A crying mess after news spread about the young master marrying a low class girl with no name or background.

But Huan could care less. Huan's grandmother cannot take a low class girl as her granddaughter-in-law.

"Sent Huan this message. Grandmother will not take a low servant as a Wang Fei to the Hwang family," ma'am Hwang said trying to regain strength.

"Yes ma'am Hwang," Dian bow his head before leaving the mansion.

"Will Huan ge really marry a low class servant Hwang ma?" Lihun tearful tears stream down.

"I will not take this into matter. He will not marry a low servant," Huan's grandmother said sharply.

They can only wish for Huan's return without the woman he chose. After hearing the message his grandmother sent out. Huan can only sit back with a plain look on his face.

"Rather she like it or not. I will not return unless she agree. If not, I'll force my way out of Yuan and into the kingdom beside us," Huan said and sip the cup of fresh green tea Fei Ling made for him.

"Yes master," Dian step back and was about to leave to give the message to Huan's grandmother when Huan stop him.

"Let your brother sent it. I need you here when they have decide to attack me," Huan again sip his tea like nothing.

"Yes," Dian said and disappear into the shadow to give the message to his brother to sent out.

Dian's brother went and sent out the message to only return with another. Ma'am Hwang will rather have his grandson return than not return. His only grandson turn against her wish for a higher rank Wang Fei but instead got a lower rank Wang Fei, way lower.

"High rank or not. Huan does not take back what he says,"


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