Fei Ling
4 Damage
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Fei Ling
Author :Just_cny
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4 Damage

After Jian left. He went straight to his father to tell what happen. A stranger has harm the chief's son. The chief cannot take the shame to who have harm him. His precious son.

"Who dare harm Zhou Jian!" Chief Zhou shout in anger.

"Father I do not know of his name, but he is currently in my Fei Ling's house. Please father, help me," Jian plea his father.

He couldn't wait anymore. He spend eight years trying to please Fei Ling needs and give her space, but an stranger spend only a week or even a month to please her, to stay so close to her.

He can't take this as a exception, he won't take it.

Chief Zhou and a couple people in the village march to Fei Ling's house in the forest.

Fei Ling can hear the loud voice next to Huan who was putting medicine on Fei Ling's hand.

"Come out! How dare you harm my son!" Chief Zhou shout.

Fei Ling felt uneasy and hold Huan's hand. Is it okay if they walk out?

Huan only smile and remove her hand. He stand up and walk out after saying Fei Ling to stay inside even if something happen.

He walk out with no emotion and with just his hand behind his back, chief Zhou knew he was someone high.

"How dare you hurt my son," chief Zhou said again and step up a bit.

"Your son damage my Fei Ling's hand. So why can't I hurt him?" Huan said.

Even with a calm and steady voice, it gave chills to the people who came marching with their chief.

"Fei Ling is not your. She's my!" Jian shout coming out from the back after hearing Huan say his Fei Ling.

Huan move his eyes from the Chief to Jian for a split second before his eyes land back to Chief Zhou.

"Who are you?" Chief Zhou said.

If this man is truly above him, he wants to at least be careful to his wording.

"As chief, I think you should know this name. Huan, Hwang Huan," Huan smirk, finally showing an emotion.

Chief Zhou's face went pale after being red from anger. Everyone but him was confuse. Who is this guy who calm to be Hwang Huan?

"W-Why are you here Duke Huan?" Chief Zhou said.

Everyone's eye widen from the word their chief use. Duke, he's the Duke.

"It's more why are you here?" Huan went back to a plain emotion.

"You are in my Fei Ling's house," Jian said not caring who this man is.

All he cares is that Fei Ling has let a man into her home, a woman's home.

"Who is your Fei Ling? As I remember, you have damage Fei Ling's wrist. She even cried due to the pain," Huan said now not holding back his anger.

Jian couldn't say anything. He knew that he damage her wrist, but then a idea came to his mind making him smile.

"If this Jian has truly damage the wrist of Fei Ling. I will take responsible and ask her hand in marriage," Jian said confidently.

Everyone agree, in their village, as a unmarried woman should be healthy and undamaged to be marry off to a young man. But since Fei Ling's wrist has been damage as what Huan have said, Jian is more than willing to marry Fei Ling.

"No one is asking no one in hand of marriage," Huan's voice went cold.

He no longer held in his cold image and blast it out to the villagers. A cold chill roll down this back again and not the good kind.

"As a rule in this village damage woman will have to marry the man who damage her. Jian has agr-" Chief Zhou stop his sentence when a sharp blade position his neck, a inch closer and his head would be cut off.

Black clothes men surround the house. One is right next to the chief with a sword promising to cut his head off by just a snap of the finger.

"If he damage my Fei Ling then I also have damage her," Huan said.

"How?" Chief Zhou said trying not to be scare of the blade in front of his neck.

"She cure me back to life. She damage her hands so I could live peacefully," Huan said.

Just thinking of her precious hands on the ground picking up herbs was more than enough to show how damage her hands are.

"That have nothing to do with damaging," Jian said not wanting to accept the truth.

"She pick herbs with her own two hands. Not only that she kept picking even though her hands were bleeding non-stop. She clean it off with only water so she can boil me medicine. Her body have weaken because she was taking care of me by herself," Huan said taking a step forward.

Some village step a step back due to the terrify man in front of them.

"B-But I claim her first," Jian said unwilling to back down.

"Jian back down," his father said trying to save both of their lives.

"F-Father, I claim first. I should take responsible," Jian turn to his father with pleading eyes.

"You're already late. My Fei Ling has already agree to marry me," Huan said and walk back inside.

Turning back so he can close the door. He said it loud and clear.

"Kill anyone who dares not to leave. My Fei Ling needs her rest,"

Jian couldn't believe that he have lost his love to another man. He knew Fei Ling since 12 and this man who only knew her for a short amount of time has snatch her away.

He didn't want to believe. He ran out of the crowd and to the village to think of something. He is not willing to just let someone steal Fei Ling out of his hands.

As everyone start to leave, the black clothing men went back to hiding. After the flute was play by a distance. They knew their master is still alive in the southern part of china. They ran as fast as they could before the flute went silent. Just before they can approach, he lift up his hands to stay hidden before he come and talk to them.

Huan close the door and look over to Fei Ling who was now crying while she hold her damage wrist.

"I'm a damage woman," she sob out.

Huan walk up to her and sit next to her.

"Damage or not, Huan has made a promise to marry you. He is willing to keep the promise he made," Huan grab Fei Ling's hands and kiss the top of it.

"Marry me Fei Ling,"


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