Fei Ling
3 Flute
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Fei Ling
Author :Just_cny
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3 Flute

As Fei Ling awake from her sleep, she find herself in her bed. The only memory she had last night was talking to the man before she left to sleep in the kitchen.

"You're awake," the man said and walk in.

"How did I get here?" Fei Ling ask.

"I carry you here. A woman should never sleep on a hard dirty surface," the man said again surprising her.

All this time Fei Ling been taking care of him when she realize. She never got his name.

"May I ask something?" Fei Ling question.

He only look at her to go on what she want to ask.

"What is your name?" She hesitates.

"Huan, Hwang Huan," he answer, "and yours?"

"Fei Ling," she answer and smile.

But he frown in confuse, Fei Ling is a full name. He answer his with his surname name and only got her first name.

"Surname?" He raise up his left eyebrow.

"I-I don't have one," she said ashamed.

Her parents never told her and she didn't want to ask the villagers about it, she was ashamed to ask something that she's suppose to know.

Just looking down in shame, Huan knew better not to ask any further. He move to sit on the chair across from the door and look over at her.

"How did I get here?" Huan ask.

All he remember was running from an ambush some of his troop lead him to and everything went blank from there.

"Fei Ling went out to go buy some grain of rice and when Fei Ling came back, there was a smell of blood and a nasty odor. Huan was laying on the floor in blood," Fei Ling said and got up to walk to the little closet.

"Since Huan's white pearl robe was stain in blood, Fei Ling tried her best to get the stain off and sew back what she can do," Fei Ling took out the white robe.

The stain was gone and the thread that was against the fabric is barely noticeable. It looks like it was never stain with deep red blood and rip from getting cut.

"Fei Ling also found a flute on the ground in front of my home. Is it yours?" Fei Ling took out the jade like flute.

The flute was crystal pearl clear, so clear that it looks like white pearl like water is flowing through it.

Fei Ling hand it to Huan with the flute on top of the white pearl robe. Huan grab his robe and the flute on top shine when the sun shines against it. Fei Ling look at the flute amaze with what it can do with the outside.

"Want me to play a song?" Huan ask Fei Ling.

She can only nod and wait for what the flute holds. Huan grab the flute with both of his hands and start playing a song. It was slow and steady until it got towards the middle of the song, it went a little faster as for the emotion.

Two birds fly in the sky waiting for the sun to rise up high. As the black bird flew a little to far, it lost the white bird who was still behind trying to see. Now as the sun rise, they both lost each other by just a simple movement. The black bird spent his whole life trying to find his white bird. And the white bird died not knowing how to survive on herself without her black bird.

"The song has a very powerful meaning, great to tell a story with just a song like that," Fei Ling said and smile.

The story was sad, but it holds great meaning. Only those who understand finds it meaningful.

Huan look over at Fei Ling surprise that she knows the meaning of the song. He played it a couple times, but they only praise was how lovely he plays it.

"Fei Ling will have to leave. It's a new morning and have a lot of work to do," Fei Ling said and stand.

She walk out with a new set of clothes, needing to wash her body. She walk by the waterfall and strip her clothes behind the big rock. Fei Ling afterward walk in the cold water and quickly wash herself.

After she finish taking a bath, she quickly wear her new set of clothes and start her day. She went into the kitchen and grab some herbs she found yesterday. Grabbing her basket, she walk out of her home to go to the village.

Taking her time to buy the needs. She pick what's important for a meal for Huan as he seem to be well off by the clothes he wears. She ask for three gram of pork, two whole chicken, four gram of rice, and vegetables.

Some of the villagers keep asking her why she's buying so much. But Fei Ling only smile before saying her good byes.

Jian been asking the same question too, why is Fei Ling buying so much food?

He plan to go visit for a bit to see what's up with so much food she trade with.

Fei Ling walk into the kitchen and start cooking. She use one of the chicken, half a gram of the pork, a bit of the vegetable and three-fourth of the rice to cook.

Fei Ling drag the table outside with two chairs. She clean off the table with a wet cloth so there's no dust. She walk back into the kitchen to grab the food. Chicken soup, grid pork, steam green vegetables and fresh rice on the table.

Fei Ling was about to walk into the house when the same flute was play on top of the waterfall. There stand Huan playing on his flute, but what was the song he was playing? It didn't hold any meaning Fei Ling know.

Is it a signal?

Fei Ling ask herself. She walk out of the house and towards the river.

"Huan, lunch is ready!" Fei Ling shout.

Huan stop playing and look down at Fei Ling. He walk back down the waterfall and within three minutes, he was on ground sitting on the chair waiting for Fei Ling.

Fei Ling walk in shock seeing him already there waiting for her. How did he get there so fast?

She walk up to the table and sit across from him before she speak.

"I cook with what I can and hope you don't mind," Fei Ling lift up her chopstick but waited for him to pick up the first dish.

Huan smile a bit surprise she made something big for him. He lift up his chopstick and pick up two grid pork and put it in his bowl of rice.

They ate quietly and the noise of their utensil was the only thing heard. Just when they were about done was when Jian show up.

"What is the meaning of this?" Jian said angry that Fei Ling is eating with another man.

"Jian, why are you here?" Fei Ling ask confuse standing up.

"Why are you eating with a man. A stranger," Jian said pulling Fei Ling closer to him.

"Jian you're hurting me," Fei Ling bite her lips of the sudden pain.

"Let go of her," Huan said with a hint of dissatisfied and anger.

"Who are you and why are you here?" Jian ignore what he said and Fei Ling's pain.

"Jian let go it hurts," Fei Ling try to yank her wrist away, but Jian held it tighter.

Just before Fei Ling sharp cries burst out, Jian was now on the ground groaning in pain. Huan has elbow his chest and yank Fei Ling's hand away.

Huan hid Fei Ling face in his arms and look over at Jian. Huan face hold so much anger that it scares Jian for a moment.

Fei Ling hug Huan sobbing in his chest of the pain on her wrist. She didn't want to look at Jian for what he done.

"Leave before there's consequences," Huan said low but frighten voice.

Jian stand up and left, but he didn't seem to give up yet to who the guy Fei Ling let in. He was about to tell his father, the chief.


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