Fei Ling
2 Enough For One
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Fei Ling
Author :Just_cny
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2 Enough For One

He lift up the spoon and slowly put it inside his mouth. A taste boom his mouth before he continue to eat another spoon of the rice soup. Before he knew it, the bowl became empty. He never knew that rice soup can be this delicious.

He hand the bowl back and look at her. He wanted more. Just giving her a look, she knew that he would ask for more.

Fei Ling step out to grab another bowl of rice soup. She came back with another full bowl and hand it back to the man, but he didn't make a move to grab it like he did the first time.

Fei Ling pick up the spoon she used and ate a spoonful again before handing it back to him. Just that he grab the bowl and start eating again.

Fei Ling watch as he eat, but then move her glance to the bowl of medicine. He didn't even touch the bowl.

"You should drink the medicine. It'll help you get better," Fei Ling spoke softly and look back at him.

He stop eating and look at her. He continue to eat all the rest before handing the bowl back to Fei Ling who was still kneeling on the ground. He move his arm to the bowl of medicine and smell for any sign of poison, but all he smell was bitter herbs.

"It's Licorice Roots," Fei Ling said knowing he was trying to find a smell.

Licorice Roots was known for healing compound and great detoxifier, which is useful for asthma, flu, heartburn and many many more.

Isn't Licorice Roots a rare herb?

He ask himself. Licorice Roots are rare to find and only grow in certain part of Asia.

He had never taste Licorice Roots before nor been around it. It wasn't common to find it in the capital either.

He hesitated at first but drink it afterwards. It had a bitter taste that his tastebuds didn't like. Drinking only half of it, he hand the bowl back to Fei Ling.

She slowly grab it and look. Only half of the medicine is still in the bowl. Fei Ling was happy enough that he drink half of the medicine than none. She want him to heal.

Standing up she grab the two bowl and left her little room. Fei Ling never came back as she herself have things to do. She hasn't wash her clothes and need to do it as soon as she can. Still need to go find some herbs that she's out of and make something to eat.

She been feeding another mouth and because of that she have to use more herbs that she normally use and trade. Some villagers even ask why she was buying so much.

She walk off with her clothes and wash them against the cold yet warm water due to the heating sun. After washing her clothes for nearly an hour, she hang then on a rope to let it dry.

As important as food, she head to make another pot of rice soup. Bearly last gram of rice, it wasn't enough to fed the both of them. So Fei Ling only made enough for the man.

She brought the bowl of rice soup to the bed where he's sitting.

"Rice soup is what I can make right now at the time. Please to sorry that I can't make something else," Fei Ling said and left the bowl next to the table before she left to go search for herbs in the forest.

She walk into the forest with a basket behind her back, searching for herbs. One place she always go is the mountain an hour away from her home. That's always the best place to find all the herbs she knows and can find.

Picking all the herbs with her bare hands, it dirty her hands and even scratch a couple of her fingers. Just when the sun disappear and the moon's out shiny is when she finally got home.

Fei Ling place the basket inside the kitchen which was next to her little house. Deciding if she should check with the man. She walk in with the candle on, didn't even remember if she light it on or not.

She look at the bed to see it empty and around.

"Where did he go?" She ask and walk out, looking around the pitch black forest.

"What are you looking for?" A voice behind her said scaring her.

It was deep and husky with a tint of power, not the good kind. Fei Ling turn around to see him stand up tall towering over her small body. He's so tall that Fei Ling only reach his shoulders.

"I-I thought you left," Fei Ling said snapping out.

Even with the plain brown clothes Fei Ling gave the man to wear, he still stands out. She never really saw how he looks like until now because of his hair always covering his face. He was beautiful, beautifuller than the women she has met.

"Why didn't you eat?" The man ask with a low deep husky voice.

"T-There was only enough to fed one person," Fei Ling said embarrassed with what she had.

"Then why didn't you eat it yourself?" He ask again.

"My priority is to fed my guest first before myself," Fei Ling answer.

The man can only stare and when he didn't speak, she knew better what to do.

"You should rest, your wound is not fully heal yet," Fei Ling said and walk inside.

The man follow behind and sit on the small uncomfortable bed.

"I hope you don't mind blowing out the candle before you rest," Fei Ling said and close the windows.

Fei Ling walk out and close the door, not catching him stare at her every move. She walk into the kitchen where it's still warm with steam. She lay down on a low bench where she put her vegetables and cutting board.

With only a thin blanket, she cover herself and slowly drift off to sleep.

In the house where the man is still sitting, he stand up and open the door looking around for Fei Ling. He walk around when the corner of his eyes, through the crack of the kitchen door. He saw her sleeping with only a thin blanket, not even a pillow was place under her head.

"Why is she suffering herself," he said to himself.

He open the door and walk up to the bench Fei Ling's sleeping. Staring at her features and how peaceful she is just sleeping on a hard wooded bench moved his heart. He snake his arms under her knee and neck carrying her back inside the house. He gently place her on the bed before kissing her forehead.

He followed her the whole day knowing how hard she was working for just so he was at least comfortable. He watch Fei Ling wash her clothes, make only a little rice soup and out to pick herbs with her bare hands. And she did it all by herself. No maid, no slave, no servent.

"My heart has only enough room for one,"


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