Fei Ling
1 Intruder
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Fei Ling
Author :Just_cny
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1 Intruder

In a small poor village where people seem to forget. Not much was known throughout the village and merchant rarely comes by.

Just a house outside the village, there's a girl name Fei Ling, who likes living alone. Ever since her parents pass away, she been living in her own outside of the village, trying to ignore marriage proposal. Some had came to ask her hand for marriage but was denied as she have no status nor family to back her up. She made her rules and her decision.

Even when she move out, it didn't stop men from asking. She simply have no choice but to close the door to her home and be careful when going out.

Fei Ling was about to make something for lunch when she remember, she needed to go buy rice as she ran out of it. She walk out with a basket down to the village. Her house wasn't far and only take her ten minutes to reach there.

Walking down, she said hello and reply to the elders.

"Hello Ling," an elder happily said.

"Hello Gou ma," Fei Ling walk towards her vegetables.

"What would Ling like? Gou ma have new fresh vegetable that came this morning. Would Ling want to buy some?" Gou ma said and took out the vegetable.

"Ling will take half a gram Gou ma,"

Gou ma happily gave Fei Ling half a gram. In the village, many people call her Ling instead of Fei Ling. Everyone knew one and another.

Instead of paying with money, they trade with each other. Fei Ling trades herbs, it's one of the many things people in the village don't have.

"Gou ma don't need many. Just half a gram should be enough," Gou ma said trying to equal down with what she gave to Fei Ling.

"Ling will get going then. Ling hope Gou ma like the herbs Ling gave," Fei Ling smile and walk away.

She stop at by a store with different kinds of meat. Asking for a whole chicken and three gram of ribs. She walk away to her next destination.

"Uncle Wang, Ling would like to have two grams of rice please," Fei Ling ask politely.

"Oh yes. Ling haven't come here in a while. Let uncle give you a half more," Uncle Wang said and quickly add a half more rice.

She smile just the thought of someone giving her more than she needed. Gathering all the food she need. She decided it was enough and set back home. Just when she was at the entrance of the village, a man spoke out her name.

"Fei Ling! Jian didn't know that Ling was coming," Jian quickly walk in front of her.

"Fei Ling was just leaving. Please excuse me Jian," Fei Ling move to the side.

Again she was block, but this time he tightly held her upper arm.

"Jian it is improper to touch me like this. Please let go!" Fei Ling try to yank her arms away from the man.

"Jian only want to talk to Fei Ling," Jian slow remove his hands.

"Fei Ling is sorry, but I have some important things to do. Maybe some other time,"

Fei Ling quickly move away and bow. She knew what Jian want, her hand in marriage. She didn't have anything else to talk about with him nor see him, but he keep showing up around her. He being the only son of the chief, in the village, made him roam around with no sourse of work.

"Jian will walk you home," he brighten a smile.

"Fei Ling is thankful towards Jian offer, but Fei Ling want to leave alone," she denied his offer and walk away.

Jian sigh and turn around, he didn't want to push the girl he likes so much to her limits. She on the other hand, did not like being around unmarried men in her village. She didn't feel the need to look at them in a kind of way.

Slowly, she walk into the forest, a path where it leads to her home. Her safe comfort home, but something felt wrong. Placing her basket on the table outside the entrance of her door. She slowly walk inside where a awful smell was coming from, a smell of blood mix with a disgusting odor.

Peaking inside she saw track of blood on the ground with a hint of movement. Staying alert, she look around before stepping inside to look for the intruder.

Her eyes land on a man with a white pearl robe stain in deep red blood. She couldn't just stand there and watch a man die in her home, so what did she do?

She hurried and help the man into her made bed before running to a little room fill with her clothes. She quickly grabbed the box near the corner and quickly walk back to treat the injury man.

She took out the white cloth and medicine, placing it on the side. She look back at the unconscious man and his wound.

Fei Ling, we are doing this to save someone's life.

She said to herself and pull herself together. She strip his robe off and look at the wound. There was a total of five wound, three small one and two big one.

She ran back out to go grab clean water from the stream next to her home and quickly ran back with another cloth. Bending on knees, she clean off the wound gently trying not to make him feel anymore pain than he already am. After cleaning off the blood, she grab a needle and thread to stitch the two big wounds.

"This might hurt but Fei Ling promise this will help it heal much faster," she said to the unconscious man who might not even hear what she said.

She stitch as gentle as she can although there is no gentle way to stitch skin, but he couldn't even feel the needle piercing through his skin.

After an hour of stitching and repeating it to the other one on the side of his stomach, she put medicine on all the five wound and wrap them with the white cloth she put on the table earlier.

Knowing that he need his rest, Fei Ling cover him with the blanket before walking out to pick up herbs for his medicine. She boils water and put the right amount of herbs in before letting it cool down. She walk back inside with a bowl of medicine.

She place her clean finger in the dark liquid of medicine and back out. It was still too hot to drink, so she blow it. She blow the spoon of medicine and place it near his mouth. Pouring it slowly so it won't spill that much. She repeat the process, blowing it and placing it near his mouth so he can drink it.

After feeding him all the medicine, she went out to make another one when night comes which was really soon. She didn't even get to eat or touch the vegetable she bought in the morning as she was to busy curing the man.

Just before she finish boiling the herbs of medicine. She quickly went and wash the vegetable and meat near by the river. Taking only half of the vegetable and meat, she quickly cook with what she had. Rice was one of the many things she needs, so she spend little attention to it as it is always in a daily meal she eats and cooks.

When night came, she already finish her meal and was now back to giving medicine to the man.

She repeat the same thing over and over for a week. Boil medicine and look after the man. At some point she even thought that he was dead since he didn't move an inch.

She made rice soup everyday thinking he might wake up and be hungry from not eating. It's the middle of the day when the man slowly open his eyes to met small room, even the bed was small compared to what he normally sleep in. He sat up and look around, it was rather small and plain but neat and clean. He came to realize when a soft voice interrupt him.

"Oh you're awake. I was just breeding your medicine," Fei Ling quickly walk and bend down on her knees before placing the bowl on the table beside him.

"Please drink this. It will help boost the healing process on your wound. I will go grab the rice soup for you. You must be hungry," she stand up again and walk out to go get a bowl of rice soup she made earlier for lunch.

She walk back inside to see the man still untouched with the bowl of medicine.

"Oh you must not want to drink the medicine, but please at lease eat the bowl of rice soup," she walk ahead of her and knee down to place the bowl in front of him.

He didn't make a move to grab the bowl of rice soup. It was rather him staring at her.

"There's no poison in the rice soup. See," Fei Ling stir the soup and ate a spoonful of rice.

Grab another spoon off the table from earlier when she brought the bowl of medicine. She look back at him. He still didn't move.

"I-If you want I can go make something else for you?" She attempted to stand up with the bowl when it was snatch away from her hand.

The man look at the bowl and pick up the spoon.

'Can I eat this?'

He thought to himself. He look back to the girl and look into her eyes.

'She holds innocents.'


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