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Falling in love with you was the best thing that ever happened to me!! My Soldier !!!!
Author :Pakohoshino29
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19 The secret“s out.

After a week Joseph was discharged from hospital.

It was Joseph's parents' 50th anniversary next week. So the whole family was busy in arranging the party, bringing clothes, gifts and other things.

\"Oh come on mom! You need to wear this beautiful wedding dress.\" Andrew said as he showed the dress that Joseph and Riley had helped to select.

\"Are you three crazy?\" Joseph's mom said.

\"Mom I guess you should wear it.\" Jenny said as she passed the tea to her.

\"Sigh... Fine...\"


Evening, The Plaza hotel.

To attend the party for 50th anniversary the guests had arrived. The theme of the party looked like it was not an anniversary party but rather a wedding.

\"Everything's set!\" Andrew said.

The party's main attention was that the wedding that was held 50 years ago was held again. It was more like refreshing the memory of their wedding.

\"Mom, I am gonna walk you down the aisle.\" Joseph said.

Jenny and Riley were the Bridesmaid.

After the refreshing of wedding was done. The people started giving gifts and congratulated them.

But in this party, someone who wasn't invited had come too. The guy was in normal clothing so that no one can suspect him. He just went to Joseph's parents straight.

\"Congratulation, Mr. and Mrs. Thomson! This is a gift I have prepared for you guys. I would love if you can start projecting it right now.\" The guy said.

\"Ok..But you don't look familiar. Are you one of Andrew or Riley's friends?\" Joseph's mom asked.

\"Andrew's\" The guy said.

\"Oh ok. Let me ask someone to project this.\"

After a while...

\"Isn't she Mrs. Thomson's daughter-in-law?\" Some ladies started gossiping as soon as they saw the pictures on the projector.

The pictures were of James and Jenny..


Jenny was shocked to see those pictures. As Joseph saw the pictures he stopped the projector and announced. \"Well people the food's ready! Please enjoy the meal!\"

Luckily the crowd was now paying attention to food.

As expected, seeing such pictures everyone had questions for Jenny. Jenny's parents were angry on her as well.

\"Its our fault Mrs. Thomson.\" Jenny's mother said.

\"Mom, it isn't your fault. It is actually my fault..\" Joseph said with his head down.

Now everyone was confused how it was his fault.

\"I'll explain.\"

Joseph started explaining what exactly happened between her and Jenny.

\"Joseph, how could you do this?\" The general, Jenny's father asked him.

\"Dad, when I got married to Jenny, I vowed that I will keep her happy for the rest of her life.\" Joseph said.

After hearing this sentence, there was silence in room for a long time.

\"Sigh...Leave this. I don't think people are gonna be engaged in food for that long.\" Joseph's mother said.

\"You guys go.\" Joseph said.

After everyone left the room Joseph talked to Jenny as she looked frightened...

\"Hey, you ok?\" Joseph asked.

Jenny turned to Joseph and hugged him tightly and started crying..

\"I am sorry...You had to be so embarassed because of me....\" She said.

\"Who said I am embarassed? I am fine sweetheart. But yeah I am feeling bad seeing you cry like this.\" Joseph said as he brushed his fingers through her hair.

Just at this point Jenny felt so happy hearing what Joseph said. She was unable to control herself so she ended up kissing him. Just in the flow of that kiss Joseph started running his hands on Jenny's silky smooth skin

\"I don't think we should do it here... Mom, dad, Andrew, Riley anyone can come here anytime.\" Jenny said.

\"Hmm... You are right.\" Joseph said and got up. Did his tie and got out of the room.

\"Hmm... Do you need us to guard the door bro?\" Andrew asked as he had heard the conversation between them.

\"Shut up!\"

After a while both went back to the party hall. Though everyone was staring at Jenny but she was not feeling uncomfortable at all.

\"You are fine, right?\"


Joseph and Jenny talked with their eyes.


Joseph held Jenny's hand tightly in the whole party so that no one can say a word to her.


The party had ended and Joseph's family had reached their home.

\"So, should we continue what we couldn't do at the hotel?\" Joseph asked as he saw Jenny taking off her jwellery.

\"Hmm...let me go change first.\" Jenny said.

\"Oh come on!...How about I help you change?\" Joseph asked.


Just when Jenny gave permission Joseph got closer to Jenny and unzipped her dress slowly. He was not just unzipping the dress he was actually trying to turn Jenny on by his touches..... and what more? Jenny was getting heated up nicely...

Just when Joseph was done unzipping the dress his hands reached Jenny's shoulder and took off the dress as his hands got down from shoulder to her hands from her hands...to her sensitive areas. But Joseph wanted to tease her bit more. Now Jenny was only in her bra and panties... as he saw this he just lied down on his bed..

Jenny was confused as Joseph didn't get up for 10 to 15 mins. He acted as if he has fallen asleep.

\"Seriously? He fell asleep?\" Jenny said as she climbed upon him.

Just when Jenny thought he wouldn't know if he kisses him secretly Joseph opened his eyes and put Jenny on bed.

\"Nice trick..\" Jenny said

\"Hmm I know.\"

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    《Falling in love with you was the best thing that ever happened to me!! My Soldier !!!!》