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14 Let“s Raid A Village 3
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Enter the Game: I own a Dungeon
Author :AncientNullVoid
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14 Let“s Raid A Village 3


Dust scattered, hindering my vision. I coughed as I waved my hand, and saw an unconscious master.

"M-master? What happened?"

I tried shaking him, poking his eyes, jumping up and down on his body; however it didn't work. I was beginning to worry as the sun was setting.

"Master! Master! Wake up!"


I shouted directly at his ears; hoping that even a twitch would appear. However, he was no different from a rock.

"W-what should I do?"

I asked the darkening forest. I stomped my feat and sighed before dragging master.

"OOOO!!! Why is master so heavy!"

It was no different from dragging one hundred goblins, tied and unconscious.

Veins started to throb all over my body as I used all my strength to pull master. It took me all what I can do take one step, and then... I rested.

I was out of breath, I gave in to my exhaustion and sat down on the ground. I gave a crying look to the faint moon, as my suffering hasn't ended yet.

'Why do I need to suffer so much? Stupid master, why did he suddenly sleep of all a sudden? While I experienced the most horrifying moment of my life, what did you do to be so sleepy?'

I saw a nearby rock and unleashed my frustration, kicking it to master's face. Unlike the scar-blooded face I was expecting, he was unharmed.

'...When the master get so strong? That incredibly fast speed and now this....'

I shook my head, ridding such thoughts. He's my master, if he gets strong, shouldn't I be happy for him?

Staring at the comfortable sleeping face of my master, I couldn't help but think how he became my master. A human having a goblin as a subordinate? That would be crazy.

I patted the dust off my body, and started to drag my master once again. I took a break after a while, and after that, I continued dragging him.

The cycle continued on and on, as the moon started to rise and later sink.


I was tired... so tired that I could sleep right now.

'I can't... I need to do what I need to do first..'

My whole body ached in intense pain every time I take a step. I could only grit my teeth, enduring all of it till the last step.

The sunlight made me cover my face with my hand, dropping master to the ground. Within the golden sight, was a bunch of wooden houses surrounded by a wooden wall, dyed with the color of the morning.

'I....can... finally...'

Freedom felt so good. The heavy weight was now gone.

I fell to the ground, and curled my overly tired body. Knowing that master would be glad, I surrendered to the need of sleep.


"Is there still no sign of them?"

"None at all."

"A day had already passed, why are they not back yet?"

"Didn't the Lord say that it would be an easy battle?"

"Shush... Look he's waking up."

"Such a handsome man."

"Shut it! You already have a husband."

"Don't you also have one?"

"I said shush! He's waking up!"


"Where.. am I?"

I opened my eyes, and expected to feel pain and the rocky feeling beneath my back – instead, I felt comfort?

"You're in my house."

The clear sound of a siren's enchanting voice entered my ears.


I turned to the side and saw – the most beautiful goblin I have ever seen.

"No, you're in my house." A very beautiful goblin corrected.

"Both of you are wrong! He's in my house." Argued another very beautiful goblin.

"No, No, No, This is clearly my house. See this? It has my name on it."Another beautiful goblin said while pointing at the sign above

"What do you mean your name? It's my name."

Another beautiful goblin made an appearance, followed by another and another. Later, the room turned into a marketplace arguing who is the true owner of the house.

The noise made it impossible for me to sleep. However, the euphoric bliss at the sight of so many beautiful goblins made me shiver in delight.

'So many charming and beautiful goblins… If I die now, I would have no regrets.'

The noise became louder and louder as I continued to enjoy to see this many beauties. How wonderful would it be if this could continue forever? But master– master?

Cold sweat dropped unto the silk bed. I tried to search for a certain master within the dense swarm of goblin beauties.

Noticing the growing anxiousness on my face, the chatter stopped as they stared silently at me. I could only scratch my head. Being looked at by many beautiful goblins made me feel awkward.

"…Is something wrong?" Asked a goblin, worried by my silence.

My throat made a wave as I summoned my courage.

"…When you found me, did you also see a human?"

"Yes." An immediate answer came from the group.

"That human looked very dirty and ugly." Her voice contained clear disgust at my master. "I even vomitted the moment I saw it."

The group nodded; agreeing with her words on how my master looked. To this, I could only wrily smile.

"Then… where's that human now? That human is a precious slave I found near the mountain."

I couldn't tell them that my human is my master. After all, how could a female bear to be with a slave? So, I could only lie .

All of the goblins appeared stunned by my words. The feat of having a human slave must have awed them. A sense of satisfaction welled up in my heart as I continued.

"It's a very precious human slave, so I don't want even the slightest scar to appear on its skin."

I was about to continue when I noticed their grim faces. They looked as if guilt was applying pressure on them.

"What's wrong?" Puzzled by this, I could only ask.

"This… Mr… how do I put this.."She hesitated before continuing. "Your human slave… became an ingredient for a soup I cooked…"


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