Enter the Game: I own a Dungeon
13 Let“s Raid A Village 2
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Enter the Game: I own a Dungeon
Author :AncientNullVoid
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13 Let“s Raid A Village 2

'...This is troublesome.'

At the second floor of the dungeon, a group of weaklings wearing scrap are being lead by a strange goblin. They move in an organize manner, a reminiscent of a well-trained army. However, considering the nature of goblins, this is... rare.

'...This scenario is usually possible only by being led by a Goblin King or higher. But–"

The leader of the group, a goblin, however its eyes held a strange glint of wisdom. Its positioning and movement lets it immediately respond to sudden changes. These are qualities, that shouldn't belong to a mere LVL.0 goblin.

'Then, that must mean... That vixen, she's doing it again.'

There's no way I could forget the image of pig, dressed in the robes of a goddess – pretending to be a deity to satisfy its vain. If it were a deity, it would be the goddess of dung and piss.

'I'll kill her if it's the last thing I do. I need to avenge him.'

The rage depth within my soul boiled, causing the Essic Cycles to be reduced to dust.


The ground suddenly depressed, and deep fissures started spread like wildfire, covering the entire room.


The intensity only grew, the fissures started to deepen even further. The grey flame at the center of the room started to shrink, and its light began to dim.




The intensity turned into a vigorous earthquake, shaking, threatening the dungeon and the mountain to crumble into pieces. The grey flame trembled in weakness – in the verge of falling asleep – and only the tiniest flicker was left.

In the next moment, everything came to a still. The rumblings came to turn into an eerie silence.

'... I need to calm down..'

Breathing deeply, I circulated the Essic to surround me, and it gave off a gentle light and I felt the spring winds healing me.

'If I let my obsession with that pig control me, only I would lose in the end.'

I opened my eyes, greeted by the sight of a nearly dying soul flame, sweat fell from my forehead.

'I almost accidentally killed the Dungeon Master... this is not good..'

[Side-Quest #3: Revive the dying soul flame, protect it from the incoming invaders.

Reward: 10,000 mythical exp, 1 random evolving skill.

Note: Due to the fact that you are the main cause, there will be deductions.]

At the same time the quest appeared, clanking of iron and heavy steps sounded in the darkness. Then, the army of weakling appeared as expected.


A room riddled with wide cracks, looking likely to collapse in a second. At the center is a grey flame as tall as a goblin, giving off an aura of the deceased. This is the dungeon master room? There's a limit to being pathetic, right?

Just in front of the flame – sitting in meditation, is a beautiful young girl, probably at the same age as me. Lustrous silver hair and fair skin, and although she lacks in the development department, she's perfectly my type.

"Lord... can we have her?" whispered a goblin covered in armor.

"Yeah Lord! She looks pretty!"

"She's even prettier than my wife..."

"Rip her clothes! Rip her clothes!"

At the sight of even a normal human girl, these freaks would kill just for a touch. Such a beautiful young lady caused them to surge with courage and dare ask me.

If it were any other time, I would have not bothered.

"Shut it!" I shouted and the army immediately fell into silence. The previous rowdy ones stared at me in shock.

Briefly looking at their faces, I slowly pointed at the young girl.

"This young girl is your Lord's servant!" I yelled in loud authority, "If anyone of you dare to touch even a fallen hair, I would personally send you to the dogs to die!"

I unsheathed my sword and with one swoop, multiple heads dropped.

"Look! These idiots dared to lust at this Lord's servant! After this battle, take their corpse and throw them to the dog! Understood!"

With a flick, my sword was clean of blood.

Looking at the fear-stricken faces of my soldiers, I could only snicker in silence. Only with fear will they learn to obey. For them, they only need to follow my command, how hard is that?

I entered the room, and with a gesture, I had my army to be in position. They didn't dally and divided themselves into multiple groups.

"You, must be the dungeon master, right?" I asked the young girl, yet her eyes remained close.

"Hey, Answer me."

"Hey, Answer me...."

I asked for the second time, however nothing changed. My blood started to boil, and I strong grasped the hilt of my sword.

"If you don't speak... I will kill you. Now, answer me..."




I waited for a second, and that was my limit.


At my shout, shields dashed and spears thrust, arrows fly, all at the same target. Everything appeared slow to my eyes, and I couldn't bother to look anymore.


I could feel the disgusting wetness of blood, and I could never get use to its smell. I opened my eyes, and saw that the young girl is – still alive? How is this possible?

'Could this girl be impervious to steel?'

'No, wait, if she's alive.. then... whose blood–!'

I glanced at my surroundings, and found that my army disappeared. Instead, I saw, the entire room painted with bits of flesh and blood.


Towards this eerie sight, my knees lose its strength. A tide of despair washed my mind into an ocean of hopelessness. I realized how much of an ant–


With a punch, I sent myself flying outside the room. The rocks scarred my back and as I finally rested, my face ached.

My mind now was completely empty. I forgot about the dead goblins, I forgot the pain. However, I remembered my disgrace.

"AHHHHHHHHH!!" I screamed in rage.

A minute passed, and I was sitting, desperate for air.

I stood up, and gave a final glance at the room, at that young girl. With my sword, I carved my desire for revenge on the wall.



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