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Enter the Game: I own a Dungeon
Author :AncientNullVoid
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11 Grinding 3

I was just born yesterday, and that should be one of the greatest moments of my life. I was different from ordinary goblins, I was born along with the knowledge of my race's culture and tendency. Unlike ordinary goblins, I had no father to learn from and a mother to be cared from – instead, when I was born, I had a master I needed serve.

He was tall, comparable to two goblins stacked on each other. He wore strange clothing. His hair was dark and his expression dumb, and his skin was no different from the beautiful girl behind him.

I was really just born yesterday, yet I already met the love of my life, a beautiful goblin, whose charm is unparalleled as mine. We enjoyed a journey together, which led me to find more loves of my life, beautiful goblins, each of them own an unique and unparalleled charm.

Along with my girlfriends, we all journeyed towards the eastern extreme of the forest. To see the legendary human town, where humans – a rare delicacy for us goblins – gather and live.

However, not long after we left the village, a gigantic wolf – its fur was of crimson glow, and it bore claws and teeth sharper than iron. A wave of its claws, and the trees fell like leaves.


Its howl driven all of us to be filled with fear, my body shook uncontrollably, and looking at my girlfriends, they were no different. All of us, were paralyzed by dread.

At that moment, death's shadow flew fast, tearing apart the ones most dearest to me. It was too fast, it was without mercy; no one else was able to flee, no one less was spared by its onslaught. Wherever its claws passed, a rainfall of blood and flesh followed, and despite how brutal the massacre went, not a single one of us, were able to make a sound.


My body drenched in blood, frozen were my eyes at the sight of a crimson wolf – the tips of its claws stained by fresh blood. It stared at me with the fiendish golden luster of its eyes, showing detests to such filthy creatures like me.


I instinctively closed my eyes. The feeling of death was so near, it caused the images of my girlfriends to surface. I cried, both out of fear and hatred.

Feeling the wind brush past me, I opened my eyes – to see, a forest dyed with blood, and hanged above it, there was no moon. No matter where I looked, it was gone, and I have survived.

I was just born yesterday, yet I already experienced the most horrific, traumatizing moment in my life.


"Master, I have returned after I killed them all."

Drenched in blood, the warmth of what's left of my girlfriends pained my hollow heart. Facing the messy dungeon master, I was doing my best to resist to urge to cry.

"... Is that true?" he asked.

His eyes were filled with doubt. He stood up, and patted away the dust on his shirt before continuing to speak.

"Why did you do it though?"

He took a singe step forward, and stared. I could feel an imposing pressure coming from him. I steeled my heart once again and answered.

"...Because Master, this servant is too weak. In order to appease master's desire for a stronger subordinate, I decided to use my charm to garner strength."

"Is that so? Prove it then." he said, his voice contained a tinge of interest.

"Haha Master, don't be surprised if this servant of yours already surpassed you."

I looked for the nearest tree, and found one behind master. Breathing deeply, I prepared myself for my strongest strike. The trees rustled, and the skies cleared, spotlighting where I was.

I took one more glance at my master and showed my confidence with a smile. Then without further ado, I made my move.



If birds actually lived atop of the tree, they would've flown in panic or attacked the nearest bystander. Looking at the pathetic figure of Goblin, writhing in pain, I could only helpless sigh.

[ Andob Tree: A very rare tree that is only supposed to be found at the depths of the Aestoran Plane. Its bark is capable of reflecting physical force made by predators. ]

'... To choose a very rare tree as a punching bag, I wonder if he is really lucky or not.'

"So, are you going to tell me the truth now?"

At my question, goblin's eyes bloomed in surprise.

"H-how did you know master? No– forgive me master! I shouldn't have lied!"

Goblin kneeled and bowed his head. Looking at this green subordinate of mine, I actually couldn't bear to be angry anymore.

"How could I not know? Basing from your lustful nature, how could you bear to kill them? Plus, your face gave most of it away."

This was true, from start to now, his face was akin to an old grandma on the verge of crying a river. What made it worst was his forced smile, the strong contrast brought a nauseous feeling. If not for my strong love for the fruits, I would've gave in.

Hearing this revelation, Goblin's face showed an unsightly change. He blushed.

"It seems this servant of yours is really incompetent. Please forgive me!"

"... Just stand up and tell me what really happened."

Just as he stood up, he cried. As he continued to retell the story of his misfortune, his cries grew stronger and louder. It was torture for both the eyes and ears.

The same time he finished, I let loose a sigh.

'Such a dangerous monster...'

"It would be a waste if we didn't hunt it."


Name: Goblin


Race: Goblin








•Passives: [Fragmented Degraded Lust Demon's Charm– Unique, Primary Grade LVL.1]

[Fragmented Degraded Lust Demon's Charm– A charm unique to beings blessed by Lushes. Due to its weakened nature, the skill-possessor will have an incredibly powerful charm limited to their own race. To other races, they will appear very unsightly.]


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