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Enter the Game: I own a Dungeon
Author :AncientNullVoid
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10 Grinding 2

'That goblin... that dungeon master... one more time, I'll definitely kill him.'

To dare lust after a demi-god, and to dare own something that dares to lust after a demi-god, this dungeon master of mine really does want to shorten his lifespan. If not for the fact Uncle doesn't want him to prematurely die, I could've killed him a thousand times if I want to.

'However, if I did that, my exp would've been wasted.'

Thinking about the 100,500 mythical exp I used to find him, and the 200,350 mythical exp I used to heal and reform his body, made my heart bleed. How much effort did It took me to gain that much to only lose it again?

Then, the faint cycles of Essic surrounded me collapsed, like a fragile glass meeting the rage of a stone, and disappeared into nothingness. I helplessly sighed and opened my eyes. Staring at this rundown room and dimly lighted room, hearing the desolate silence and the flickers of the torches, I simply shook my head.

'My heart and mind has been too affected lately. Huh, if my old friends could see this, especially that annoying Jessa, they would have their jaws on the floor.'

The image of light-hearted maiden, whose strength could easily flip a continent, a smirk couldn't be withheld. It's been years since I last saw her, how is she doing right now? Is she still bent on marrying Joseph? Poor man, who told him to peek on her when she took a bath?

While I kept reminiscing, a sudden azure glimmer appeared that brought me back to reality. Then I saw, a dark sphere emerged. As the light receded, I could clearly make out its–incredibly cute face! Eyes that look like its at the verge of bearing tears, combined with a sweet smile, plus its fluff akin to the gentle touch of the night sky, no being could resist it.

However, I was desperately resisting, with all my might. For me, this was the ultimate test of willpower. Because this impossibly cute object is–

"Sheila, how's dungeon master El Reid?"

with the melodic voice that would put sirens to shame, is my Uncle.

"Knowing your capabilities, he must be at LVL1 already."

Yes, the same Uncle who confronted Dungeon Master El Reid during the question and answer session.

"Sheila why aren't you responding? Sheila? Sheila!"


My uncle released a groan, and placed his fingers on his temple, contemplating like the cute thing he is. I continued speaking before he could utter a word of complaint.

"Dungeon Master El Reid is currently fine~.He is out with his new goblin to hunt a goblin village~. Although, he isn't at level one yet~."

He paused for a second, and spoke with a tired voice.

"... Strange, anyways, You should tell Dungeon Master El Reid that he can use the Meta Encyclopedia. This is the least I could do for him."


I responded in the same star-struck way. Perceiving this, my Uncle waved a hand, then mystical blue markings floated near my uncle.

"Then, I'll be going now."

"Goodbye, Uncle."

By the time I responded, the he disappeared along with the mysterious phenomena. I shrugged at his attempt to escape. Since I had nothing else to do, I went back to meditating.


"What's this?"

While I was tailing Goblin and his swarm of girlfriends, I found a peculiar fruit on the ground.

Its appearance was similar to a squeezed lemon, it was dyed with a crimson glow and here and there, would be a faint line of violet. It gave off the sweet aroma of any bitter fruit would have, the smell sent my stomach grumbling.

[ Ledurian Glowbloom: A rare fruit that permanently increases strength by one mini-stage. It releases a strong scent that repels predators. ]

'What's this? Is the system helping me?'

A strong itched appeared on my head as I kept thinking about what I did to warrant its help. However, it didn't take me long to realize. The system was actually conscious of its mistake.

'This description must be because of a certain function...'

Then, without further ado, I took a bite of the Ledurian. If anyone was here, they could see a soft glow in my eyes. My tongue was in bitter euphoria. It was so bitter that I couldn't think anything else other than its heavenly flavour.

I could no longer control myself, and I ate the whole thing without any restraint. Even after I finished it all, the taste still lingered in my tongue, like a lover refusing to separate even in the face of the apocalypse. I took time to lick my fingers, it was to indulge in the last flavourful moment.

I could see the night sky, hiding behind its cloud, afraid of letting me see its jealous face. Because not a second later, I noticed another fruit lying on the ground.

[ Ledurian Glowbloom: A rare fruit that permanently increases agility by one mini-stage. It releases a strong scent that repels predators. ]

'Same name, same scent, same color and glow yet it increases a different basic attribute? Why?'

I tried to deeply guess what the answer is, but how could I think straight in front of a heaven-sent snack? Like a proper and seasoned helper, I helped made the fruit's way into my mouth.

'Delicious! Nothing's better than this.'

After savouring the after taste, my body shivered. It wasn't death this time, but a goddess of fortune, looking down upon me like I was her own child, spoiling me till I was fat.


I was too shocked that I forgot to keep my mouth shut, but who cares? The legendary scene in front of me deserved at least this much.

The wind bellows strongly, the trees shake in excitement along with the wind's tune. The moon showed its pride and glory by adding its aesthetic to what I see. All of these, reminded me of a bride, walking down the red carpet, and to meet her lifetime prince. She would feel an elation, in comparison, is lesser than what I'm feeling now.

"A-a path filled with Ledurian Glowbooms...This is dream.. right?"

It was a path, pack-filled with fruits that could send this guy to heaven. The crimson glow of the fruits looked like the stars, holding a beauty that captivated both my stomach and heart.

'Regardless, I would still savour the moment!'

I didn't waste a second and went into a frenzy, eating a Ledurian there and eating a Ledurian here. Your average person could only see a storm, wiping out everything in its path that is bitter and edible. It brought me bliss, that could have never been possible without the system.

'Thank you, system.'

I continued devouring, and devouring until not even a single seed was left. At the same time, I saw the figure of a goblin, drenched in blood, a nightmare for the eyes of innocent children. His stench almost made me lose the precious treasures I digested.

"Master, I've returned after I killed them all."


Name: El Reid


Race: Humanoid Dungeon Master

HP: 1200/1200


Physique: F+

Soul Core: F






END: S1-C+


Passives:[Soul Flame Connection– Unique, Primary Grade- LVL1](0/100),[Dungeon Arts–Unique, Primary Grade- LVL1](0/100).

Actives: None

•TALENTS•(LIMIT: Primary Grade–LVL9, Unique)

[Dungeon Master– Unique, Primary Grade- LVL1]


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