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Enter the Game: I own a Dungeon
Author :AncientNullVoid
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9 Grinding 1

"It's great to be alive."


"Shut up."

Feeling the gentle caress of the forest wind, I was awed by the beauty of made by the harmony of nature. Hearing the tranquil rustles of the lovely trees and plants, my restlessness slowly fades away. I slowly made my way through this bouquet of nature, and every time, I wouldn't fail appreciate the beautiful sceneries.

Really, second chances makes a man realize how great a gift life is.

The moment Sheila spared me, I dashed out of the dungeon along with the culprit. Even if it almost got me killed, it is still the embodiment of my 100 primary exp. I shouldn't waste it by satisfying my temporary grievance.

The ugly-looking creature, or Goblin as I have named him, was acted rabidly as soon as I stopped at the Dungeon Entrance. It complained about how unfair I was. I was about to give this ingrate a beating when everything suddenly took a 360° turn. It was kneeling apologetically, and it cried hoarsely.

"Master! Spare this ignorant servant! I should've known better that it was Master's beautiful Slave!"


In such a situation, both your average person and I would have no idea what to do.

I wanted to explain how wrong his words are, and hoped that a certain guide couldn't hear his words. Then, as if death's bare hands was touching my shoulder, the coldness proved me wrong. I was sweating an ocean, being this near to death, made my body shake uncontrollably. But like last time, it didn't last long, and I was spared once again.

However, what are the chances that I will still be spared again? I'm pretty sure her patience is growing thin.

'.... If I don't kill this goblin, it will be the death of me.'

If I don't pull out the roots, I will definitely die. This goblin is definitely out to kill me. Who cares if I wasted 100 primary exp? My life is just as important.

Oblivious to my thoughts, Goblin maintained its apologetic position. My eyes then caught his ears twitching. It then stood up, showing an expression of longing and excitement.

"Master! I can sense a kind of mine nearby!"

"No matter– wait did you say your kind and its nearby?"

"Yes. It's not that far, follow me Master, I can show you."

It then sprinted in the eastern direction, like a mad jaguar. I could only follow behind it, hoping that its words are true. After all, I'm in dire need of exp, and basing from my previous experience, I would have to stroll for a day to find one or two goblins.

Goblin stopped behind a huge tree surrounded with tall and thick bushes. I carefully followed, watching my every step. However, I still managed to carelessly step on branch. The sound was akin to a lions roar in this silent forest, and I could see Goblin's face frowning in displeasure.



I whispered an apology, and Goblin shook his head in response, in a way that suggested how helpless I was. I promise, if there's actually no goblin, and this is all a prank, I will definitely kill it.

"stay here, and don't follow. I'll be back."


Goblin nodded in all seriousness and left me. I calmly neared the huge tree, I was extra careful not to step on another branch. Then the sight of two goblins, holding their hands intimately and walking off to who-knows where, entered my eyes. It was Goblin and the goblin it said it sensed.

'So it's actually true? Do goblins have the ability to sense their kind if they are near enough?'

This ability would be useful when I want to try hunting, making it easier to find prey. However, Goblin's actions suggested its betrayal, and its ability will never become my convenience. Containing my cold murderous intent, I sneakily followed behind them.

Wherever they went, I would tail them like a silent shadow. I passed through the thick torrents of forest, and a wide river of lustrous water. The effort in maintaining my covert actions was extremely draining my stamina. The occasional sights of goblins flirting made it worse, I had to endure the urge to vomit too. However, I still managed to continue out of pure will.

'The heck, didn't Goblin just meet this goblin just recently?'

'Was it possible that Goblin possessed enough goblin-like beauty to instantly charm other goblins? If that's the case, it would definitely be a player in the goblin society. However, is Goblin a male or female? No, more importantly, is the goblin it's accompanying a female or male?'

I shook my head, such useless thoughts will do me no use. For convenience sake, I decided to treat it as a male.

The sky started to be doused with a hazy orange color, which meant that night was fast approaching. At the same time, I was taking a short rest atop a branch of a huge tree. The leaves of the tree left me with an itch similar to the ones left by mosquito bites. It was uncomfortable. But I couldn't spare my time to bother with it.

'...This... is definitely a game right.'

I was looking at a village. Most of the structures are crudely made of wood tied together simply with rope. Both the outer and inner exterior of the walls surrounding the village are covered with wooden spikes. Inside the village, hundreds of goblins were roaming and working. It was a full-fledged goblin village and society.

l was impressed by this goblin village, I was impressed that something like this is actually possible. The sight was no different from the happenings of human village.

There were goblins moving about near the walls in a uniform fashion, holding a small iron dagger and a small wooden shield. Looking at the armed goblins, a fire was burned in my heart. It was jealousy.

'Even goblins are armed....'

I went down the tree without making a sound and carefully move about the village, avoiding the attention of the goblin guards. The village wasn't that large, and I soon found my target.

Exiting the goblin village was Goblin surrounded by a swarm of, possibly, female goblins.


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