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Enter the Game: I own a Dungeon
Author :AncientNullVoid
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8 Goblin

Clumsy, ignorant of common knowledge, and mostly irritating to the eye, if this is how the system picks a universal catastrophe, I should've already become a God about now.

He's definitely a newbie. If failing to control the activation of the status screen and the dungeon system panel isn't enough, then the fact that he didn't start at level zero is already rock-solid proof to this Lady's discerning eye. After all, when I first transmigrated here, this Lady was already at level 10, an existence capable of conquering half a continent.

...Rather, I should have known when the quest stated that he needed a guide. Rather, I should have known when a God actually forced me to take the quest.

Seeing the figure of a dark-haired and fair-complexioned Dungeon Master under my care, the feeling of immense disappointed simmered in my heart. However, it has been a long time since I last felt this emotion, or any emotion at all. So, I spared the thought of murdering him.

'At the very least, he's a fast learner.'

I stopped my meditation, the cycles of Essic, the faint streams of golden light, entered my body. It was akin to the feeling of regaining a limb, my body was in euphoria. But I couldn't share such a joy, for I knew, that my Essic is soon running out.

"Umm... Miss Sheila, how do I modify the dungeon exactly?"


Dungeon Master: El Reid

( 100 primary exp )

Dungeon Name: -:-:-:-

Soul Flame: LVL.0 (0/10,000 primary exp)

Special Dungeon Effect: Primary-grade plants growth time reduced by 15%,

Monsters: 0/100

Traps: 0

~ Floors ~

Normal Floors: 3

~ Rooms ~

Special Rooms: [Dungeon Master's Room]

Effect Rooms: None

Normal Rooms: None


I can sort of understand what they mean based on their names. Special rooms should have quirks and effects that differentiate them from your average effect rooms. The difference wouldn't be something simple like comparing a weed to a full-blooming plant. 'But why do I feel like that's the correct analogy?'

Next, those with modifiers such as normal would have no effects or quirks at all, like the current floors I have. Their appearance should be similar to a run-down and abandoned mine. After all, when any person connects the word dungeon floor and normal, wouldn't this image pop out first?

Finally, the special dungeon effect. It's function should be similar to the specialty of the dungeon, and it should affect the whole dungeon. Because of the possible synergy effect of Bitter Apples and my dungeon specialty, I gulped, strongly holding back my urge to salivate.

The function of the soul flame was already explained by Miss Sheila, and if I still don't know what are traps and monsters, I should have already died under the rock I spent my whole life, living in carefree ignorance.

This just left me with a tiny problem.

"Umm... Miss Sheila, how do I modify the dungeon?"

The young girl in an azure blue robe, stared at me for a while. Then a sudden feeling of coldness drenched my back. A minute later, or what felt like eternity to me, it disappeared like a ghost.

'I should really avoid asking her questions if I still want to keep my life intact.'

If that's the case, why is she my guide? It wasn't like she was forced to do this.

"...Just think of the command, 'Modify', and a separate panel will appear." she said. Her voice emanated an icy feel that placed fear in my very bones. Seriously, why is she my guide?

The same time her words left her mouth, like she said, a separate panel appeared. Unlike the status screen and dungeon system, it was simple and required not that much effort to understand.


LVL.0 Dungeon Store

• Monsters •

= Goblins = (100 primary exp)

• Floors •

= Forest = ( 5,000 primary exp )

• Rooms •

= Inventory = ( 12,000 primary exp )

• Traps •

= Primary Arrow Trap = (120 primary exp)

• Weapons •

= Wooden Sword = (5 primary exp)

= Branch = (2 primary exp )

• Commodities •

= Viscerella Fruit = (1000 basic exp)


I snickered, my guess was actually right. Exp is not only used for level ups, it is also used as currency. However, that would mean you have to gather a huge amount of exp, like gathering an ocean to impossibly fill an abyss. There would be no end at all.

Even if that's the case, I would've been fine, which path didn't require great effort. However...

'A branch is also a weapon? What the heck? Plus with the prices, I can only choose between a stick or a goblin.'

My expectations went crumbling down, and like a leaf that was ignored by the wind, my knees forced me to kneel in weakness. I expected a wide choice of modifications, considering both my situation as a Dungeon Master and a newbie. I gave a silent sigh, helplessly admitting reality's win.

I thought of saving my exp for later, but that wouldn't be much of a help now.

So, I decided, to summon a goblin.


A creature undeserving the word ugly, a heavy green skin useful for camouflage and a height even shorter than your average ten year-old. Coupled with its maniacal and evil face, it reminded me of what an evil dungeon master's henchmen really is.

Sheila also looked at the goblin, and I could see a rare trace of disgust in her eyes. It was pointed at the hideous goblin covered in coarse cloth– no, it was actually me dressed in my school uniform.

This was the first time I could actually guess what she really is thinking, but how could I be happy?

*Graa Graa*

Its voice was crude and hoarse, children would cry hearing it. Its movement was sluggish, and it gestured with his hands. It wanted to tell me something, but I couldn't understand goblin at all.

I turned to Sheila, risking my life just to know what its talking about, but all I could see is a deadly tornado of ice and cold waiting to rip innocent me apart. The atmosphere surrounding her was strange, its strength made me shiver. I wanted to ask what's wrong, however, I probably wouldn't like the end result.

"... Think of the command, 'Translate'." she curtly said. I imagined that as soon her words left her small mouth, I would die, encased in her frozen fury, like a popsicle along with my new goblin. On the contrary, the frightening atmosphere started to dissipate as she entered mediation.

But I was still speechless, I soon understood what caused that horrifying phenomenon. Feeling my cold stare, the goblin didn't even flinch.

"Master, Master, can I have that young girl? She looks so delicious master."

'Really, if you want to die, do it alone, don't include me.'


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