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Enter the Game: I own a Dungeon
Author :AncientNullVoid
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7 Status

Reading my system notifications, I noticed that along with my Dungeon System, my Status Screen was also unlocked. I bet that this Status Screen would be similar to the one I've seen in some games back in my world.

I observed the ever-meditating Sheila before I decided to ask her.

"What's a Status Screen?"

"A Status Screen contains information about yourself. It details your strength, level and skills." she replied with her usual monotone self.

"So, how do I use it?"

"Just think of the words, 'Open Status', and it'll appear."

At the same time her words left her mouth, strange information surged inside my head. It was an uncomfortable feeling. It felt like I was drinking multiple gallons of spoiled milk and I couldn't vomit.

It didn't last long, but there were distasteful aftereffects. However, I could now view my status.

'This is my status?'


Name: El Reid


Race: Humanoid Dungeon Master

HP: 300/300

EP: 15/15

Physique: F+

Soul Core: F

•Basic Attributes•(Upper Limit: Stage 1–A)

Agility - Stage 0–E

Strength - Stage 0–D

Vitality - Stage 0–E

Endurance - Stage 0–E

Essic - Stage 0–F

•Skills•(Upper Limit: Primary Grade– LVL.9/Upper Quality Limit: Unique)

Passives: [Soul Flame Connection–Unique. Primary Grade– LVL.1](0/100), [Dungeon Arts—Unique. Primary Grade– LVL.1](0/100)

Actives: -Empty-

•Talents•( Upper Limit: Primary Grade– LVL.9/ Upper Quality Limit: Unique )

[Dungeon Master–Unique. Primary Grade– LVL.1]

[Soul Flame Connection– The direct relation between the soul flame and the dungeon master. All Attributes increase by one notch when you are inside the dungeon. ]

[Dungeon Arts– LVL.0 Trap's Effectiveness increases by 10%, All LVL.0 Minion's Attributes increase by 10%]

[Dungeon Master– Dungeon Master skills proficiency can be increased.]


As expected, after reading my status, there are things I don't understand at all. I could still make out four out of five of the basic attributes by guessing their functions based from their names.

Agility is probably related to attack and movement speed, and how fast I react to stimuli.

Strength is basically how strong I am, or in other words, the amount of force I can totally execute.

Chances are that Vitality is related to the amount of HP(Possibly Health Points) I have and how fast my HP recovers.

As for Endurance, it is probably how much force my body could endure.

I told Sheila my guesses and to my surprise, I was right.

"Endurance also tells how much Stamina a being has. This is a hidden attribute shown only when you reach LVL.1"

'A hidden attribute? So that does that mean there are other attributes beside the basic ones?'

Intrigued, I asked Sheila. And I received the usual 'beyond your level of permission' answer. I once tried asking what's the limit of my level of permission but apparently that information too is beyond my level of permission.

"Then what's Essic? One of my system notifications told me that I receive an Essic Strand. Could this be the main cause I reached level zero?"

"Your correct. The difference between mortals and manipulators are that the later has the ability to use Essic while the former doesn't. Receiving the Essic Strand basically turned you into a manipulator."

She waved and opened her palm, and faint streams of light gathered at the center. The golden luster formed was a spectacular sight that could awe anyone.

"This is Essic. It is a mysterious form of energy that is present everywhere. It appears invisible to eyes without fate to harness it. Also, this is but only single type among the myriad more in the Universe."

In my eyes, she looked like a powerful deity, the total embodiment of power. Coupled with her beauty, she was like a cold goddess explaining the Immortal Way.

If not for my powerful will, I would've kowtowed and asked her to be my Master.

"In this world, power is everything, especially for you considering your situation. The common basis of strength here is level, and to level up, requires one to gather a certain Essic called exp."

Hearing the familiar word, my mouth couldn't but twitch. 'This is definitely based by a game alright.'

The faint streams of golden light, or Essic in her palm started to dissipate. Then a glowing purple Essic appeared like a madly rushing river. It started to condense into a bright sphere, shedding light that filled the entire room.

Like a seasoned thief, a second later, it disappeared without a trace. What was left was a dumbfounded me and a nonchalant Sheila.

"The commonly known types of exp are; with the lowest being primary, then followed by basic, lower, middle, high, and highest being mortal. This is because as your level grows, the quality and quantity of exp needed increases as well. The one that you saw just now was an exp beyond your level of permission."

I figured as much. So there should be exp types beyond mortal. Although, I'm curious as to what these are, but her answer is pretty obvious.

After that, I asked her more questions about the status and I was more or less satisfied with the answers I got.

Accordingly, the Essic in the basic attributes is related to the amount of Essic one has and the speed you absorb and replenish Essic.

Though, the most peculiar is my race being a humanoid dungeon master. Besides the mind boggling fact that its actually race, would that also mean that there are dungeon masters beside humanoid ones?

'Imagine, you've spent most of your life as a human, and because of your transmigration, you become a slime or a goblin. How horrifying is that?'

"Right, Dungeon Master El Reid, it's time to prepare the dungeon."

"Prepare for what?"

"For future invaders and invasions. Similar to the Status Screen, just think of the command, 'Dungeon System', and a panel will appear."

Again, like the status screen, a panel appeared in front of me. I was caught surprised and managed to held back my scream.

'.... I really need to find ways to control this.'


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