Enter the Game: I own a Dungeon
6 Defeating a Goblin, Leveling up to zero
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Enter the Game: I own a Dungeon
Author :AncientNullVoid
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6 Defeating a Goblin, Leveling up to zero

Currently, I'm outside the dungeon. I'm lurking in the forest in search for my prey. A goblin.

Apparently, the goblins in this world is similar to the ones describe in the fantasy games in my previous world. They are short as ten-year old, green-skinned, wrinkled and have evil and maniacal faces.

In this world, goblins aren't the lowest level creatures, mortals are. Because of the existence called Essic Stone in the goblin's body, they could exert a strength no ordinary mortal could do. Of course, the other monsters in the world follows the same logic.

According to my guide, a goblin's usual habitat is a forest. So if I roam just long enough, I would eventually find one.

"That said, it's been a long time, and not a single goblin in sight."

Wielding the thick branch with my right hand, I cut down the overgrown weeds on my path.

If you haven't guessed it yet, my only weapon is a thick branch. I tried asking for a weapon from my guide, but it didn't go well.

"I can only aid you during extreme moments three times at maximum. You already wasted two. If you use it up now, I can't help you any longer."

".... Could you tell me how exacly did I waste two lives?"

And before I could get an answer, she basically teleported me in the middle of the forest.

'I really need to have this talk with her next time.'

As I continued to search in the forest, I noticed that other than plants and threes, there was no other living creature.

"I can't even find a single ant here, how does she expect me to find a goblin?"

My insides churned, as the feeling of hunger compelled my stomach to ache. I noticed that the forest started to dim with an orange light hitting the tree tops.

'... I need to hurry. Where's that goblin?'

I was moving frantically, trying to search every possible way for a goblin. As my hunger started to intensify, and the forest started to adapt for the in coming night, my patience ran dry and my sweat glands went overdrive.

My eyes quickly shifted left and right, checking to see the smallest clue to the possible location of a goblin. At last, I finally saw it. At the very top of a tree.


Fruits shaped similar to an apple was hanging seductively, waiting for me to ravage it. I didn't know whether its purple hue was natural or not, but I didn't care. Since my stomach doesn't care, I naturally won't either.

Leaving the stick, I readied myself. I climbed the tree as fast as I could. My hunger drove my body to do athletics I couldn't do before.

Eventually, I rested on a strong branch and atop of it, was a glorious angel waiting to enter my mouth. Without any further ado, I gave it a bite.


It tasted bitter, so bitter that your average person would spit it the moment they tasted it. That's why...

"...This is... Delicious!!"

My troubles were immediately washed away by the total bliss of bitterness.

Who cares about some system, goblin, guide or dungeon? As long as I have this heavenly bitter taste , I feel like I could go against the world.

I was practically crying right now. I never tasted something this bitter before. Ah, bitter, my love for you is greater than the Moon. This heaven-sent fruit, let me call you, 'Bitter Apple'.

Without wasting a second, I finished the Bitter Apple and grabbed myself another Bitter Apple and another. Every Bitter Apple that my hand grabs is immediately devoured, and what's left is the precious seeds that I need to carefully store. I was too occupied with gathering and eating, I failed to notice that morning already started to dawn.

Nonetheless, I continued until the tree was typically empty. What remained of a tree was a sad wreck caused by a storm.

"Ah. That was the best.... I hope that I get to eat another soon."

Playing with the Bitter Apple seeds in my hand, I could imagine a whole farm of them. How wonderful would that be?

"Right, good food tastes best when you share them with others. Though Miss Sheila acts cold, that doesn't mean I should forsake my virtues because of her."

I nodded to myself. Putting to heart my promise of selflessness, I made my way down the tree.

If Sheila were to know her suffering all stemmed from her simple act of avoiding a question, she would pummel to death her past self.

Leaving the tree, I continue my hunt for a goblin. This time, I tried doing stuff for a while in the forest. I jumped across a wide river, reached the top branch of a tree twice and half my height, and ran without any problems in this complex terrain. Though it all lasted 10 minutes tops, it was still something I could've have never do before.

Then enlightenment dawned on me.

'It musts be because of the Bitter Apple.'

As expected of something that tasted so bitter, other than its wonderful taste, it could provide such an awesome improvement.

Then suddenly, a greater realization struck me.

"... If a simple fruit could something amazing, then what more could other bitter things do?"

This feeling was akin to realizing the very core truth life, leaving one satisfied and content. There would be lack of happiness once one dawned on such a realization.


Immediately responding to the strange sound, I climbed and hid on top of a nearby tree. I looked at north, the most probable location of the sound, and found....

'A Goblin!!'

I was happy. Right now, the ugly-looking creature looked extremely pleasant to see. It was akin to meeting your favourite movie star.

Coupled with my great revelation and this goblin, I couldn't feel happier than this.

I grabbed hold of my branch. Silently, I sneaked, seeking to near the goblin. The goblin perked up its ears and sniffed, as if it was trying to find what's wrong. Extra carefully, I placed myself in the optimum position( Behind a tree, two meters away from it ), and waited for the right moment.


Which is now.


I madly rushed at the goblin, at the same time it bore its fangs and on-fours, it rapidly neared me.

I readied the branch in my right arm, and when it was only a meter apart from me.





During one of these moments, your average person, would be exhausted because of a long drawn battle with a goblin using a stick.

"Isn't this a bit too anticlimactic?"

Looking at the smashed creature leaning on the tree, I couldn't help but feel disappointed. Didn't it boast a strength greater than a mortal?

According to Miss Sheila, my current body strength is still the same as a mortal in this world. Sigh, this is surely because of the Bitter Apple.

'To think my long-awaited first battle would end so quickly. I don't whether I should cry or smile.'

If not for the fact I wasted a day finding you, I would've definitely feel happy. But then again, I wouldn't have met the 'Bitter Apple' if not for you.

"...Thank you..."

It felt strange saying thank you to a goblin's corpse. But I didn't let the feeling get to me that much and touched the grotesque remains.

Immediately, the ground glowed a mysterious blue light. In the next moment, the forest disappeared and I found myself inside the Dungeon Master's Room. My room.

Then I was greeted by what she called system notifications.

[You have successfully obtain a strand of Essic.]

[You have leveled up to LVL.0]

[ Congratulations for Dungeon Master El Reid to. reach LVL.0]

[ Dungeon System and Status Screen unlocked. ]


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