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Enter the Game: I own a Dungeon
Author :AncientNullVoid
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1 I'm lucky?

[System: Player El Reid has successfully entered the Meta Plane. Player has been granted the opportunity to have four questions answered.]

[Young Man, what do you seek?]

What is this? If I remember correctly, I was still making an account for a game my friend recommended me to play. It was a game about heroes conquering dungeons and beauties and saving the world. It was typical stuff. Since I had nothing else to do, I downloaded the app.

[Young Man, what do you seek?]

So, when I was still making an account, a blinding light flashed. I regained my sight and saw my surroundings changed from the comfy dim room to total darkness. After which–

[Young Man, what do you seek?]

"Don't you know it's rude to interrupt someone having an internal monologue?"

[Sorry Young Man, but I still have quite the busy day ahead. Your haste would be much appreciated.]

"Ah. I understand."

To continue, strange string of words appeared out of thin air. Its appearance followed a mechanical voice that continued to disturb my internal monologue. In other words, my present situation.

"I'm done."

[Thank you Young Man, then, what do you seek?]

I never noticed since I was too immersed in internal monologuing but this is some philosophical words. It is a question that puts many to wonder all throughout life. It is a good thing I won't be like them.

"Great Question. Then, what do I really seek?"

[...Young Man, I meant that you can ask me four questions and I will answer.]

Or at least I thought. Huh, even the human heart is more complex than I thought.

"Then, where am I?"

[Player El Reid is currently in an empty pocket dimension.]

".... Why am I here?"

[Player El Reid has been chosen as one of the few out of the billions of billions of users to enter the Meta Plane.]

Few out of the billions of billions?

Has the population grown that much?

If so, how come I've never heard of this game until now?

What's the Meta Plane?

No, more importantly...

"How come I was chosen?"

[Player El Reid must have been chosen because of the excellence he has shown in the game.]

That is a reasonable criterion, but there's a slight problem.

"System, or whoever or whatever you are, how come I, who knows nothing but the game synopsis, has been chosen?"


[.... Player El Reid is lucky?]


You know, you could've made a much better excuse than that. Plus, what's with the question mark? You are not even sure? Where's the credibility of a system? You are lucky that I don't easily spurt blood.


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