Enter the Game: I own a Dungeon
4 Chapter 04: Beginner Guide Sheila
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Enter the Game: I own a Dungeon
Author :AncientNullVoid
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4 Chapter 04: Beginner Guide Sheila

It is a room where both the ceiling, floor and walls are made of rocks. The surface within the room was fine, leveled and even, making the interior quite a pleasure to see. It was as if it was crafted by a handful of artisans. Anyone wouldn't believe that this was once a part of a cave before.

The room was lightened by the torches attached on the wall. The light only managed to ease a little of the darkness within.

Inside the room sits a young girl, probably at the age of 14 or 15. Her silver hair spreads like spilled milk on the ground surface as she continues to stay still in a meditative position.

Her eyes are closed and beads of sweat fell from her petite face. She stands up, showing her immature figure dressed in what seemed to be a mage's robe.

She points at the floor and smoke appears. She weaved strange gestures and along with it, strange markings appeared on the floor. It surrounded the smoke as its center. As she continued to weave, more markings appeared.

Then she stopped, and opened her crystal blue eyes, that seemed to reflect the tranquility of the stars. She starred at the markings which formed something like a magic formation.

"Finally found you",she whispered "Summon". Like soldiers following the superiors command, the markings responded to her word by glowing a bright and golden light. A second later, a pillar of light that connected the floor and the ceiling was made.

Small bits of the pillar of light detached itself and formed a person's silhouette. The bits of light became chunks and condensed into the silhouette, materializing it.


A snap resounded in the room, and the light stop coagulating. On the markings is a young man, probably at the ages 16 to 17, lying with his mouth curled into a welcoming smile. If he were sitting in meditation and is bald, you could mistake him with a monk.

[ You have found Dungeon Master El Reid. 1000 mythical exp earned. ]

[ Dungeon Master El Reid is in a state of trauma because of your actions. Deducting 200 mythical exp. ]

[ Your actions have mentally harmed Dungeon Master El Reid. Deducting 400 mythical exp. ]

Staring at the number of system notifications, her cold face couldn't help but twitch.

Looking at the peaceful young man, she shook her head, showing her disappointment. She sat near him and closed her eyes again, indulging in meditation. Then strange and faint streams of light appeared and circulated around her.

As she sunk deep into her meditation she couldn't help but remember the task she was forced to do.

[ Guide Dungeon Master El Reid until he reaches LVL 5. ]

[ Reward: 100,000 mythical exp, Key of The Archdaman Castle( 38th Ranked Great Demon), Forbidden Seed of the Underworld Tree(4)]

[ Notes: 1.) Any harmful actions that will negatively affect the Dungeon Master's growth will cause a deduction of exp. 2.) You can only help during extreme situations for only three times. 3.) Early death of the Dungeon Master will not result to any punishments, however, there will be no reward. 4.) You are to answer questions within his level of permission with only the required content. ]


[ Welcome to Dungeon -:-:-:-:-:, Dungeon Master El Reid. ]

..... What's this? A message from the system?

I'm hearing the system even in the afterlife? It's that persistent to bother me? Rather my Dungeon is in the afterlife? Why didn't the system say anything about this!?

I stared blankly at my hand, and pinched it. Then I felt pain.

During these moments, I'm pretty sure your average person would be elated and joyous about being alive. But I couldn't do so, I only felt exhausted and confused.

'How did I survive exactly?'

I mentally sighed and opened my eyes. I surveyed the said dungeon. It was a four cornered room, with a leveled ceiling, wall and floor. All of which are made of rocks. It wasn't that large of a room, at least four people could live here along with the basic necessities. But it was too small to be a dungeon.

'Is the system trolling with me again?'

There are torches attached on the wall and its light wasn't strong enough to fill the entire room. But for the current me, this amount of light looked very cute and safe.

Then there's this young girl sitting in meditation. She's dressed in one of those robes mages wear in the movies I've seen. Her petite and immature build suggest that her age isn't far from 14. To any other person, she would be a unworldly beauty that would dazzle and charm anyone with a smile. A single word from her, and people would bend backs and spurt blood in total bliss. Your average person couldn't resist. However...

'She's almost at 'her' level. This is impressive considering her age.'

I'm a person who experienced a level far higher than this. It's like trying to tank a kindergartner's attack after being trained to resist a nuke.

"Who are you?"

I asked the young girl. Moments later, she didn't reply. She remained like a statue, immovable and aloof.

"Who are you?"

I asked for the second time, yet to my avail, there was no change. Without any sign of impatience or haste, I asked again,

"Who are you?"

and again,

"Who are you?"

and again,

"Who are you?"

and again,

"Who are you?"

and again,

"Who are you?"

till she breaks, but it seems that it didn't work. I can't see any vein popping out of her face. Her patience sure is commendable.

'Hmm... strange, your average person would never be able to withstand this.'

'Then, even if I'm unwilling, I still have no choice. I need answers and she's my only ticket to getting one.'

I pointed a finger in front her head and started to approach her. Strangely, as I move closer, I would feel this dangerous sensation. My senses are warning me that I'll regret what I do.

Knowing that there will definitely be dangers beforehand, I already braced myself. Heck, meeting the lion twice makes a man brave, and my near-death is clearly a deadlier lion.

My hand is only an inch far from her head, when suddenly, it stopped for a moment. It felt like my hands were hindered by an invisible balloon. I gave more force and pop, my hand was no longer hindered.

Then suddenly, a strong force acted on my body and I flew, hitting the wall. My body ached everywhere, and there were even parts that I could no longer feel. Blood rushed from my body and stained the wall and floor.

My vision waned. I could hardly make out the sight of a young girl, mediating in tranquility, oblivious to what she has done.

Before I loss consciousness, I heard the sweet voice of a young maiden.

~ Sorry, and hello, I'm Sheila, your guide in this world. ~

'I'm going to die because of my guide?'

I spurted blood and fell into the familiar darkness.


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