Enter the Game: I own a Dungeon
3 Chapter 03: A Small Do
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Enter the Game: I own a Dungeon
Author :AncientNullVoid
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3 Chapter 03: A Small Do

The blinding light begins to dissipate, and I could see a different set of surrounding. It looked a lot similar to the caves back in my world. The rocky and uneven surface, along with rocks protruding at height that I can't reach, made me sure that this is really a cave.

When the light completely disappears, all I could see was the faint shapes of those very eye-catching rocks. Other than that, it would be the complete and total darkness that could frighten your average person.

Though, it didn't have that much of an effect on me. I am a person who went through something much more worse than this.

'Wait. Would that mean I'm abnormal?'

I immediately crossed that thought. The prospects of being abnormal scared my whole being. The only thing left with me is my life, my clothes, and my sanity. I don't want to lose any of those.

I'm clearly normal, it's just that I'm a bit more experienced compared to other people.

Of course if I knew there were other people besides me who are completely fine in this type of situations, I would feel much more better. But what kind of people would they be? Or would they even be human?

I don't really have that much to ask, but please make them beings capable of being reasonable.

Just as I heaved a sigh of relief, I noticed a small dot in the darkness. It looked like a flame that was strived hard not to be extinguished. It's size was not any larger than a moth.

'Strange... What's with this dot? No, rather, what should I do now?'

A small dot appeared in the darkness, it was anything but good for me. However, I am also curious as to what this dot really is. People say that "curiosity kills the cat", but what could have the cat done about its natural instinct?

I brow contracted into a frown. It'll take me a long time to make out what I really want to do. Or at least that was what I initially thought.

The situation changed drastically, the small dot practically into a huge boulder of flames. Not only that, but it was clearly, and slowly growing. The light it gave off was on par with the sun. Yet strangely, it doesn't affect the state of darkness in the cave.

'What the!? How come it grew this fast?'

My internal bells rang restlessly, it went berserk trying to tell me to escape. Its warning wasn't for naught. I shifted to the other sides of my dark surroundings. Before I could run a speed that surpasses the likes of a cheetah and escape, a horrifying thought struck me.

This is a cave, and a cave will definitely have rock solid rocks with uneven and sharp curves.

'If I carelessly hit the walls and knock myself out, how is that better than dying now?'

No, at least I would be unconscious, it would be a painless–

I shivered and didn't dare finish that thought. I need to know my goal and do just that. I need to survive!

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

Steeling myself, I ran in a random direction. The ground surface was jagged, and normally, running at a speed this fast, I would've already tripped myself to death. However, it was only a matter time before I do.

Heck! What am I thinking? Do I really want to survive or not?

'I have no time to be confused! Even if I wanted to die, I at least want an intact corpse!'

Huge waves of sweat drenched my back. My legs slowly felt sore, and the pain started to grow.

But, I run, run, run, as fast as I could. At the same time praying that I don't trip and hit a wall

I could feel a tinge of heat, that sent me into another desperate burst of speed. Yet, I couldn't shake of the heat and the temperature around me increased every second.

I run crazily with all my might. Using every little bit of energy left in this body to survive.

Then, suddenly a terrifying sight struck me.

I opened my eyes and saw the huge boulder flames in front of me. It was even larger than the boulder of flames I saw. I turned my head to the other directions and was greeted the same sight. My hope of survival was extinguished, as the huge boulder of flames was everywhere.

However, the despair only made my feet go into a frenzy, madly resisting its end. My heart was completely in disarray. Oblivious to the struggles of my body.

This situation made my previous attempt to escape death look stupid. If I knew this was going to happen, I might as well have been knocked out by the wall.

But it's too late, there should be no walls around here. After all, how could the huge boulders of flame move if there was?

Then again, this is still a cave, and there should definitely be walls. Unless I am currently in a large space where all paths intersect. The walls are either very far or very thin. Yup, that makes sense.

Satisfied with my guess, I tried resolve myself to my fate. There was but a small hint of unwillingness in my heart now.

This was because just as I entered a new world beyond any person's imagination, I died before experiencing its wonders. Actually, I am experiencing it right now and I'm going to kick the bucket because of it.

Supposedly, at times like this, your life would flash before your eyes. I see myself standing frantically like an idiot talking to the void. The void responded in a mechanical voice that....

Wait. Didn't this just happen a while ago?

More importantly, how come its this part of my life?!

"Damn you sysssttteeemmm!!"

If anyone else was here, they would be frightened by the bloodlust within my words. The wails of a cornered rat could scatter a pack of cats.

I ran towards the towering boulder of flame in front of me.

The huge boulders of flame grew into a hill, and not any later, I would be scorched to death by them. Since death is an obvious conclusion, what difference does sooner or later make?

Huh, for my last words to be about that system.

The mountains of flames finally clash with my body. An explosion was triggered because of the collision of the mountains of flames and the entire surrounding quaked intensely.

The last thing I saw was the brilliance of the flames that will soon become the end of me.


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