Enter the Game: I own a Dungeon
2 Chapter 02: Wait. Wasn't the game about Heroes?
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Enter the Game: I own a Dungeon
Author :AncientNullVoid
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2 Chapter 02: Wait. Wasn't the game about Heroes?

[System: Four questions have been answered. Opportunity ends.]

[10 minutes until Player El Reid enters the Aleora Continent]

[.... Young Man, Good Luck...]


The only thing left is the unfamiliar silence. With the disappearance of the voice and the strange string of words, I was left to be entertained by the darkness.

10 minutes here in regular conditions wouldn't be much. But how is this a regular condition?!




"I DON'T UNderstand..."

"Any of this....."

My screams failed to echo, but it did served its purpose. After letting out my pent-up stress, I feel slightly refreshed.


Slapping both of my cheeks, I regained my clarity.

"... Okay Reid, get it together, let's try to internal monologue what just happened."

First, I was asked to ask questions. After my questions were answered, I was left at the brink of insanity.

Heck, instead of getting a sense of what's happening, I just got more confused. This damned system isn't doing its job properly.

"Now, what will happen to me now?"

Right, that damned system did say about me entering the Meta Plane. Chances are, this is the world of the game. And accordingly, I'll be entering the Aleora Continent. Other than that....

There's no other than that. Rather, I can't think of what's other than that.

Also, the damned system did mention that I was one of the few out of billions of billions. So, there'll be others besides me. And those people hold a huge advantage compared to me. I just hope that they are all reasonable people.

By the way, how many would few out of billions of billions be?

Thousands? Ten Thousands? Millions?

Why couldn't the system be specific? Isn't easy to tell numerical data that reaches the infinite with its capacity?

Lastly, is there any chance that I get to go back home?

*Breathes In*

*Breathes Out*

"I feel like I'm going to go insane again."

I'm gathering too much stress here. If I don't find any way to ease it, I would be glad that I haven't died yet.

Then suddenly, the familiar string of words appeared again.

[10 minutes are up]

[Player El Reid will now enter the Aleora Continent]

[ The Meta Plane has flourished and maintained peace for a long time. The beings of the plane has forgotten the dangers their ancestor passed to create the paradise they prepared. They have grown far too lax, and thus indulged in the thrills of vices. ]

[ Now, the fourth calamity appears as prophesized. Without anyone's notice, they have come to lay waste to the world. ]

[Player El Reid has been chosen as one of the Dungeon Masters.]

Before I could retort, my surroundings distorted as the familiar blinding light flashed. But I couldn't help but have the thought.

'Wasn't the game about heroes?'


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