Deal or real
19 WPA...
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Deal or real
Author :rhaima
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19 WPA...

We managed to arrive on time for his first meeting without any problems. I followed and walked several steps behind him and greeted those who walked past us. I was nervous and a little bit uncomfortable. It's my first time wearing a business suit and I never imagined myself wearing like this.

When we arrived to conferences room he introduced me as his WPA(wife personal assistant) and everyone greet me after that he lead me to other room to entertain the other investors if they come. He showed me the catalogs that I'm going to show the investors if ever they come and told me to relax and enjoy my conversation with the investors then wish me good luck.

After he leaves, I read the catalog offer and try to understand his business deals so I can share my opinion to buyers and never expecting his next investors is someone I know. She's a daughter of my patient, and it make me easy to entertain her.

When Z come to us, he find me chatting with ms. Rachel Ritter.

"Hi ladies, let me introduce myself I'm LI ZHEN LI of Li corporations."

"Oh hi Mr Li.. Its my pleasure to meet you, I'm RACHEL RITTER.. from RITTER group."

"Let me introduce my wife, YU RIM.."

"Well it's my pleasure to know that she married someone like you Mr Li coz I really treasure her..."

"Well we know each other since I'm the one who was taking care of her mom when she still alive, it's just happened that she didn't survive her sickness and passed away last year." explaining to him..

"Ah, so thats why you seem to close to each other..."

"Yeah.. So let's talk about business and I already explained to her about your offer and she say yes, she like your project and will come to country S next month to sign the arrangement."

"Well its good to hear, hope our partnership will going smoothly ms RITTER..." while shaking hands with her. I smile and nodding to her.

The next 2 weeks went without any problems and our love grew stronger. We were both so deeply in love, and I learned a lot about his work, his mood, his likes and dislikes. Memorizing everything and like a sculpture that got painted on my memory.


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