Because i love u
32 Arrogant Philip
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Because i love u
Author :Aaravi
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32 Arrogant Philip

Rishabh puts her down and kissed her wildly and wanted to continue but Aaravi stopped him.She has to attend a exhibiton which is at 10 am and it is already 7:30am so she has to get ready .She kissed on his head and leaves him .She takes a shower and wore a blue shirt with denim.Rishabh also changed his cloth and waiting for her outside the house.She comes outside and enters his car.After 2 hours they are in front of the art centre. She stepped out of the car and waved her hand towards him and enters the art center. She meets Neha in the office but didn't talk much ,instead she gets busy in seeing the preparation. The exhibition started at 10 am and lots of people came there . Almost everyone praised her work .But there is someone else in the crowd of people who is taking interest in her work.He is tall and handsome.His hair is brown and skin is white like a snow.His long finger is holding the wine glass .He is wearing a brown pair of wingtips shoes which shows his luxurious life.His jacket has a fine stiching which increased his richness.His presence has a strong aura and distinguished person in the exhibition greeted him with respect whenever they crossed him,but no one dares to talk with him. Aaravi noticed this and ask Neha about him. He is Mr . Philip the C.E.O of Tipton , she replied. Tipton is well known name in Uk .It's hotels and restaurants have 7 star rating and the most luxurious one in Uk.And their malls are almost everywhere in Europe . It is itself a kind of brand in Europe.Aaravi isn't interested in his luxurious life but all she wanted to know about him is his name . She left Neha while she is talking about him, and moves towards the manager of this exhibition to know about the current update.A bang sound disturb everyone and caught the attention of Aaravi also.The sound came from the center area.She rushed towards the centre aand found her employee on the floor.Mr.Philip is standing there and is looking at him with a kind of arrogance. "What happens to you?", she asked when she reached there .No one replied to her.This rages her anger she give her hand to that employee and help him to stand and asked him once again, but this time it has an authoritative tone.Again he didn't answer. His cheeks are swollen and turns red as if someone has slapped him harshly.

"I said who did this to you and why?" don't you hear me .

"I did this", this time an answer came but not from him but from the other side.She turns her head towards that direction and found it was Philip and realised why no one is answering to her. "Reason ", she asked him bluntly. Philip didn't expect this kind of reaction so he is shocked with that question. The truth is there is not anyone who raised a question about his action.He is rich heir of a rich person who is always pampered and thus exploited .So when she raised a question he is shocked but at the same time he found it surprisingly interesting.

He didn't know the manner how to walk ,he pushed me,he replied .Aaravi looked at her employee and in her eyes there is question. I didn't pushed him intentionally Mam i swear it is totally a misunderstanding his voice is,trembling while he is answering.

Did you hear him Mr .Philip. He didn't pushed you intentionally but still you behaved like this. Is your beaviour is proper and did you think this kind of action suits a gentleman like you, a kind of disgust towards him found when she speak this.Philip listened to her patiently but didn't say anything and after sometime he says sorry to her employee and then turns to leave . He has a smile on his face when he leaves the gallery.His manager is shocked because his C.E.O never behaved like this earlier, not only this he says " sorry "which is completely new things and he is smiling after this.Is he gone mad or he is dreaming now , he murmured and then leave the gallery.
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    《Because i love u》