Because i love u
31 Not married???
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Because i love u
Author :Aaravi
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31 Not married???

"Why i am still not married?? ", is this what you want to know. Don't you know why i did not marry??

Yes , she replied .

How can i marry anyone when my heart belongs to you, is it proper to marry somene when you love someone else, he replied .

Aaravi saw him and tears rolled out of her eyes.How can she misunderstand him, why she did not ask him questions. If she did that she might not suffer this much and why did his mother lie to her?

She tugged her head in his chest and wrapped her arm around him.Rishabh patted her head slowly with delicate care and didn't say anything and let her cry as much as she want.

Then he let her sit down on the sofa and sit beside her. What did my mother told you? he asked her because now he know everything is related to his mother .

Aaravi take a deep breath wait for a moment then explains . A day before our farewell day your mother called me in her house and when i reached there she told me that you love Avantika and not me.You are just playing with me just to make Avantika jealous. Both of you are already engaged and soon going to marry each other. And since you are the only son and the heir of Raj group your mother wanted a granchild soon from your marriage.

Is this why you imagined me as a married man and ask me about Avantika. He asked her softly when he heard her. Yes ,she replied.

But why you didn't come to me and ask me question Aaravi didn't you have any liitle trust in me. I did not trust your mother and decided to ask you but ..

But what?? Aaravi why didn't you come to me.

Because i saw you kissing her after farewell party when i went to ask you about it i saw you kissing her.

Rishabh didn't have any idea a small misunderstanding can do such disaster.I didn't kissed her , Avantika is quite drunk at that night so i called her parents to come and pick her up from the party but due to some work they told me drop her home so i am trying to put her in my car but she kissed me mistakingly, you saw that and misunderstand it as a real kiss.He explained everything to her.Now snow of doubt is cleared between them . She leaned on his shoulder and closed her eyes. Do you want to come India with me he asked but she didn't reply so he looked at her and found she is sleeping .He pulled and lay her on the bed gently and covered her with blanket ,he worked for next two hours and then sleep beside her.Next morning when she opened her eyes she found Rishabh next to her.

She smiled and kissed him on his head and turned to left the bed but he grabbed her and pulled her towards him her hair brushed his face and he smells the smell of her hair. Where are you going after kissing me secretly, he mumbled in her ears.She thought he is sleeping so she kissed him but the fact is that he wake up early in the morning but still didn't leave the bed because he wanted to saw her sleeping but when she waked up she kissed him which excited him so he grabbed her immediately. They are looking in each others eyes adorably with full of love but a sudden call disturb them Aaravi saw it was her phone.She picked up the call when she saw it is Neha who is calling her.She asked her to call her after meeting with the new customer but she met Rishabh and then he pulled her in his car and take her to his villa where there is a network problem so she didn't get to call her. How was your meeting with new customer? did he agree to invest in our art centre ?, she asked her almost a dozens of question when she received her call.Everything goes well i will tell you everything once i got home ,she replied casually and didn't say much because Rishabh is still holding her.And cut the call.On the other side Neha is wondering what does she meant and where is she when she is not at home.
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    《Because i love u》