Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System
91 Fierce Talent Battle in the Royal Banquet!
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Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System
Author :godadi
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91 Fierce Talent Battle in the Royal Banquet!

Mu Xuan Yin only tilted her head quizzically but before she could ask Dongfang Ruyi about it…

"Nanshu Empire's crown prince, second prince, and third prince are coming!" The eunuch announced once again.

Mu Xuan Yin looked at the group of princes that entered the royal hall curiously. She already met with the crown prince, Duan Qing Tian, and the second prince, Duan Fei Ye but she still never met with this third prince before.

Qing Tian was smiling brightly and nodded when she saw Mu Xuan Yin while Fei Ye was smiling and winked at her flirtatiously.

Mu Xuan Yin was smiling back at them and examined the third prince that stood behind those two.

This third prince was younger than Qing Tian and Fei Ye but his handsomeness was not inferior to them. There was still some trace of childishness in his features and his noble aura was a bit less than the other two but this third prince looks more heroic than them.

If Qing Tian could be described as a peerless general that could win any war and Fei Ye as an intelligent politician that could control any capable officials under his command then this third prince could be described as a pure martial artist.

Mu Xuan Yin could tell that this third prince already reached low-level Qi Condensation Stage despite only 14-16 years old, only a few steps away from mid-level Qi Condensation Stage.

It should be known that in the mortal kingdom like this Nanshu Empire, it was extremely hard to reach Qi Condensation Stage due to the lack of resource like energy stones that usually provided by big sect like Holy Light Sect for all of their disciples but this third prince manages to reach it.

Unfortunately, even though this third prince was quite talented but it was still not enough to attract any sect's elder to personally invite him. So unless this third prince took the sect exam and risked his life like Mu Xuan Yin before then he will not be able to join any six Great Sects.

Everyone knew that the six Great Sects exam was never simple and their survival chance was only more or less 30 percent so most of the people from aristocrat families or royal families will not gamble their life to enter any six Great Sects through this life-threatening exam unless they were personally invited by the sect's elder.

"Qing'er… Please do not see him so much or this king will jealous! This King is much more pleasing to the eyes than him so Qing'er could see this King as much as she wants." Dongfang Ruyi laughed while teased Mu Xuan Yin.

Mu Xuan Yin stared at Dongfang Ruyi for a while and replied while laughing: "You are an ugly old man now! Which parts of you those are pleasing to my eyes?"

"Even though that this King was still in his disguise but this King smile is still as marvelous as before!" Dongfang Ruyi was smiling widely while showed his shiny golden teeth to Mu Xuan Yin. Mu Xuan Yin laughed out happily when she saw Dongfang Ruyi's weird confidence smile.

Not long after the emperor, Yuan Qian started to introduce Mu Xuan Yin to all of his three sons and his mother, the empress dowager.

Their impression was varying. Qing Tian told his father about Mu Xuan Yin's help before while keep stared at Mu Xuan Yin full of infatuation while Fei Ye told his father about how he really admire Mu Xuan Yin since the first time he met with her. The empress dowager has only ignored Mu Xuan Yin presence coldly as if she did not exist in her eyes at all.

Mu Xuan Yin managed to know the third prince name from Yuan Qian. His name was Duan Qing Shui. At first, Mu Xuan Yin wondered why Qing Tian and Qing Shui both have 'Qing' in their name when Fei Ye was not. But as if Yuan Qian could saw what she think of and he quickly explained that both Qing Tian and Qing Shui's mother was the empress, Qing Xian while Fei Ye's mother was his concubine from the most influential aristocrat family, Fei Ruyan.

After said they said a few pleasantries to Mu Xuan Yin, Yuan Qian announced immediately that the royal banquet began and many beautiful maids that wore beautiful white dress entered the royal hall and put several delicious dishes to everyone tables.

Everyone began to taste the dishes on their table, while a pink dressed beautiful princess from another country began to perform a beautiful dance at the center of the royal hall.

Her dance was really elegant like a swan, sometimes she moved very slow, sometimes she moved quite fast while flicked or spun her white silk scarf moved around gracefully like a pair of white wings made all spectators watched in awe.

After the beautiful white dressed princess finished her dance, all the people clapped their hands in amazement including Mu Xuan Yin that still munched her foods in her mouth.

"Girl… Rather than eating and clapping your hands, it is better if you begin to think about what you will perform later on that stage." Dongfang Ruyi said with the lazy tone but his eyes keep stared at Mu Xuan Yin full of amusement.

"Why do I need to perform? I rather sit here and eat till I am full." Mu Xuan Yin answered Dongfang Ruyi nonchalantly while keep shoved some delicious tender spicy roasted chicken meats in her mouth with her chopstick.

"Qing'er, do you know that this royal banquet is held for you? You are the main star in this royal banquet and if you refuse to perform then you could easily imagine how many people will scorn you as a big breasted beautiful vase without any brain." Dongfang Ruyi laughed while slowly explained to Mu Xuan Yin.

"Big breasted…!!! You perverted old man!" Mu Xuan Yin punched Dongfang Ruyi in annoyance but she did not use any of her strength so he only feels some itches and assumed that Mu Xuan Yin was acted coyly toward him.

Dongfang Ruyi laughed happily at her while asked: "So Yin'er, do plan to perform or not right now? What skills do you plan to show to everyone here?"

"How about my martial art skills? Even though I am only at low-level Qi Condensation Stage but it should be quite formidable in this Nanshu Empire, right?" Mu Xuan Yin was smiling and asked for Dongfang Ruyi's opinion.

"Normally it should be enough for men but that old snake already knew about that and she will probably say that you are a brawny big breasted beautiful vase without any brain. Since in this Nanshu Empire, the women must be virtuous, she also must have some skill at something elegant." Dongfang Ruyi laughed and gave his opinion to Mu Xuan Yin.

"Then what should I do?! Sigh… So this is what you mean by a fierce battle? This is more like a fierce talent show!" Mu Xuan Yin asked with some desperate tone in her voice while rubbed her own forehead as she felt some headache because of this problem.

"That's right! This royal banquet's purpose is to show your face to everyone here. If your talent manages to impress everyone here then you will become famous as the talented peerless beautiful princess in one night. If you failed then they will talk badly about you behind your back as 'a brainless beautiful vase to warm the man's bed' and it will certainly spread to everyone in this Qiyang capital city tomorrow." Dongfang Ruyi was still smiling gently while explained patiently to Mu Xuan Yin.

Mu Xuan Yin stared at Dongfang Ruyi angrily and pouted then she threw her face toward another direction.

"How about music, calligraphy, dance, singing, or drawing?" Dongfang Ruyi asked Mu Xuan Yin curiously.

"Hmmm… I could play some musical instrument…" Mu Xuan Yin eyes brightened up a bit when she heard about music.

"Woah… Now, this King is really interested in how Yin'er plays the music. What musical instrument did you usually play? Guqin, guzheng, pipa, or flute?" Dongfang Ruyi asked more curiously at Mu Xuan Yin and moved closer to her.

"Piano and violin…" Mu Xuan Yin answered with the flat tone and deadpan expression then sulked back again.

Dongfang Ruyi could only shake his head in disappointment and resignation with Mu Xuan Yin's answer. Although he still very curious at how well Mu Xuan Yin could play her piano or violin but those musical instruments could not be found in this world.


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