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Author :OverPsycho
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'Where actually am I?' thought Max as he saw a white ceiling greet his sight.He start to look around to the place he felt unfamiliar.

He turned to the side and saw an infant show to him.He a bit stunned but he calmed himself down.He also turn to the other side and found there also a baby caught to his eyes.

Max focus carefully and noticed there not only one or two of them but there about thirty of them in the same place.

'Did I got saved and send to the hospital.But didn't they put me in the wrong room?.Why I in the same room with these baby' think him.

'Wait a minute,there all in the transparent like box' thought Max.He look to his own and notice he also in the same like box.

'Are you kidding me!' thought him with shocked.


'Did I got reincarnated into an infant?' thought him as he already making assumptions based on the situation.He saw his body is been wrapped by a thick towel that usually apply on those newborn child.

'This thing make my body felt uncomfortable' Max thinks as he try to move his body.

'If those baby can talk they likely scream to their parents to take off this thing' think him.


Max heard the sound of a door been opened and footsteps of persons walking inside the room.He try his best to act like a baby to avoid attention of uninvited guest.

He slightly opened his eyes to see who was the person came for.He saw there a person went to his direction with fast pace.

The person arrived and stop in front of him.The person is a lady with a fair skin and long,light,wavy brown hair down to her back,which she tied in knot in the back and bang down to her chin in the front.She wore plain blue light dress and red light lipstick.

Max just stare to her light brown eyes while thought 'I don't know why but somehow I remember her from somewhere'.He saw the lady smiling to him and he can felt she is kind woman from aura she had.

He saw her hand moving to his box but suddenly another person came and immediately said something to her.The person that talked to her wearing a nurse uniform.Her face suddenly turn red likely embarrassed from her action.She bowed down to Max before walked to another box beside him.He saw her opened the box before take an infant from inside and hold with loving feeling.

'So she got a wrong person.That why she bow to me likely apologize.But I'm pretty sure I recognize her but where actually' think him.

'I don't know why but I feel jealous saw this sight maybe I remember my past life mother.Remeber her make me felt a pain in heart but I hope she not too sad about my leave.She always a caring person that make me worried all time because she neglect herself for her family' Max in deep thought saw the action of the woman kiss her child forehead.

'Somehow I felt so tired.Maybe this happen because of my current body.Lets take a nap.I hope my new parents will be good one once I meet them.Lets not get too excited and just sleep for now' think him starting to fall asleep.


"Who child was that?" asked the brown hair woman that come before Max to the nurse.

"I don't know the detail but it said there someone send him to this hospital last week.The sender is a man and it being said he is having serious injuries based on his body.But after that he disappear from that day.The hospital authority already plan to throw the child out as they warn this isn't an orphanage to keep a child" explained the nurse.

"Throw the child!!" shouted her with anger.

"Shhh… miss this place is not allow to shout" hastily the nurse said.

"Uwaaa…" her child start to crying.She saw immediately lullaby her child.After the infant calm down,she stare to the nurse back.

"Miss let talk about this outside.It better we having the conversation outside the room to avoid the other child awake" carefully the nurse said.

The lady calmly put her child into the transparent box and start walking to the get out from the room.


"Okay.. We already outside.Tell me about it.If the hospital really want to thrown the child out,better let me take care of him" said the lady seriously.

"About that you don't need to worry.Even if you don't take care the child,he will be okay because we actually got inform that the relatives of the child will come for him tomorrow" spoke nurse with assuring tone.

"Okay if that true but call me if the relative of the child didn't came" replied the lady giving her phone number to the nurse.

"Alright miss but when did you will take your son home" said nurse.

"Maybe during the noon because my husband now busy handle his new clinic" replied her.

"Oh.. Okay" said the nurse.

"Miss I advice you to not do work that can burden your body.Although you say you just fine,its better to avoid something happened to your health as you only giving birth a days ago" continued her.

"If there nothing.May I take a leave" spoke the nurse.

" may go" replied the lady.

After saw the nurse went further the lady mumbled while staring to Max "That child how come he possess so much spiritual energy.I hope it doesn't endanger himself".


'Umm… this feeling' thought Max opening his pair of eyes.He saw there were an old lady wearing a traditional clothes of Japanese (A/N:it's up to you to think it as Yukata or Kimono) in front of his box bed.

He saw the old lady looking to him with sad expression before release a tear at the corner of her eyes.'Did something happen?why this old lady crying?Did she know me?' many questions thought in Max mind.

He saw this try to attract the old lady by talking to her.

"Uwaa.. Waa… wa … hi… hu…" spoke him. 'Shit how I can calm her down if I even can't talk properly' cursed him.

But his action managed to attracted the old lady attention because he saw that she start to wiped the tear.He saw the old lady stare to him and let out smile.

The old lady moving her hand and took out Max from the box.She hugging him before he heard hoarse voice murmured "I'm sorry...I'm sorry...if I didn't stop her.This will not happened.I'm sorry...I'm sorry because turn you to this state".He can felt the how deep the feeling of guilty her to him.

He don't know the true details but from her word,he atlest can assume that the old lady is blaming herself for his condition.He moved his head slightly before kiss her face and let out childish laugh.

The old lady felt shocked by his doing and said "Did you want to cheer me up young one.You face just like your mother and remember her make me felt guilty.But I already promise to take care you if something happen.But-but I never thought this will happen after she only giving birth to you only for a day"


Max heard this frown slightly while thought 'So this about my new mother.Look like I can't meet her as there something happened to her but from this old lady feeling there a chance that she already died.Although I didn't know her but it a bit sad because this isn't something that I hope in my new life'

"Murasaki Kai is your name.She always say to me that if she got a boy that was the name she want to call.Murasaki our family name and Kai is your name" is the words Max caught from the old lady mouth.

(A/N: From this time I will call him Kai)

"Your... energy.How come you posses this much energy?This is dangerous.I need to take you home quickly" said her with shocked face before turn to serious.

She immediately bit her finger until there blood come out.She immediately put her finger onto Kai forehead and doing some kind of mark.

Suddenly,Kai felt his body turn slightly weaker as there restrictions is put to his body.

'What happen here.I'm feel weaker.Did this old lady do something to my body.Why did she bit her finger?Did she want to kill me like my new mother?' thought him including dangerous thinking about the old lady try to harm him.


"Uwaaa…" Kai start to crying loudly until the other infants also awake and crying join his parade.He act like this to ask for help as he too influenced by his thought.

"Shhh...Kai calm down" the old lady panicking saw him crying.She don't know why this sudden of change happen to Kai but she only think because of the seal herself apply to him.

She suddenly heard the sound of something huge running to this place.

"Jack!" shouted her.Suddenly there something coming out from her shadow.

It's head was made from pumpkin.There is sharp pair of eyes and sinister smile that made from cut of knife to the pumpkin.The blue light flickering from the hole of its face.Its wearing a pitch black cloak that cover its whole body and there also lantern with three different colour which is green,yellow and red.The lantern is hang on the stick which look like the traffic light.

'Jack O Lantern.How there a this thing here.Shouldn't here be Japan based from this old lady clothes.No-no how can even this thing exist should the question' thought Kai until he forgot his crying session.The crying parade turn ruin as their conductor is missing and making the rhythm is deviate from its rail.

"Jack check what that thing.Kill if it if you can but remember if the thing too dangerous retreat yourself" spoke her to the ghost.

The Jack o Lantern nodded its head before flying with fast paced and disappear from the sight.She turn head to Kai before said "Look like you already calm down.We don't have time to stay here cuz likely more soul creatures will coming here.I need to find place to seal completely your energy and the better location is at the shrine"

"Fortunately I already handle the process to take you home" murmured her while brought him out of the room.

Kai at the arms of the old lady's feeling wrong because the further he look the situation,the more he felt this thing is complicate than he imagine.Bases on this he also knew that old lady want to protect him.He felt his actions before is like a child that thrown tantrum without know the reason.

'Goodbye guys.I hope you will have a better life than me.Be sure to be a good person in your life.I don't ask you to be hero but at least appreciate the one loved yourself. Cuz I know how pain to leave someone without saying goodbye face to face' talk him with mind trying to direct to the infants.He noticed the child beside him already disappeared when he spoke those word in mind.

'Look like the person already take her child back home.Someday I hope I befriend with her child' think him.

His distance between the room and turn further but he saw something making his body tense.Inside the room suddenly emerged a something look like a giant skeleton with is 3 meter tall.Its eyes staring to his direction more precisely to his body.

"Huarghh…." the sound the skeleton let out.

The skeleton released a pitch black aura from its body.Its aura making the infant crying even louder until many the hospital staff rushing to the room.

He saw the skeleton brought out a spear from its back and held pointing to his position.The skeleton likely concentrate to its target and there full of its aura accumulated to the spear turn the white bone spear to black pitch.Saw the big and long pitch black spear making even the old lady stopped slightly.

"Skeleton soul.Spear type.This more difficult than I expect.Look like this boy talent is even higher than his mother even attract this powerful soul creatures but I already promise her to not involve him with this kind of thing" mumbled her.

"Jack where are you?" shouted her.

'Yow old lady why are you waiting here.Did you want to die or what.Lets get out from here' thought while talking to her.Unfortunately she can understand him.

He saw the skeleton throw the spear to his direction.


The sound of air been tearing by the spear force making him pee slightly. 'Look like I will die another time.But this time I even can't lift a finger to protect myself' think him.

"Jack!" shouted the old again.

'Just stop old lady we about to die.I don't think the Jack O Lantern can save us.If it really strong how this thing escape from it.I know I wrong about you but at least ran save yourself and leave me here.I know it's target is me' thought him with crying.

Suddenly a pumpkin head pop up from the floor and stand in front of them.The Jack o Lantern really coming but Kai didn't know if this guy can beat the skeleton strike.But the move of it make him remember something.When he saw this he even thought this thing will not even managed to defend and don't even talk about beat it.

The Jack O Lantern actually moving its red flame lantern to it front try to defend from spear that size bigger than its small flame.

The spear getting near and near to their position.



'Ehhhhh…' the outcome making him stunned because the spear actually stop from the move of Jack O.The spear actually stand still in front the flame look like waiting for something.

He saw the next move of Jack O where it turn to move the yellow lantern to the front of the spear.He saw the spear shake from its action change the colour of the lantern.

The Jack O. turn the direction of the spear back to the skeleton using is smoke like arms came out from its cloak.The green lantern start to moving near the spear and he saw the spear shot back but it target already change to the giant skeleton.


The spear penetrate the skeleton body and this action only happened in a few seconds from the red lantern change to the skeleton got hit back by its spear.The giant skeleton stare with despair to this sudden change of advantage.

"How this thing escape from your palm?"asked the old lady with deep frown after the giant skeleton turn to white light and disappeared.

>There too many of them<

"How much?" asked her again.

>About thousand of them<

"Thousand!!Are you serious!" shouted her slightly.

>Yes.And It's number keep increasing<

Kai saw the interaction of them felt weird because the word using by ghost through the smoke.This not word that he can understand.Although he not a Japanese in the past life but he learned its language because of deep interest to anime but until that hairy ghost appeared to his life.After that happened his activities about it become less.

'This must be a secret that this family keep inside' thought him.

"Okay if that true.Let me send your spiritual energy enough to change you to the Ghostly Form state" spoke her.

She started to releasing energy from her body and direct to the Jack O.Kai saw there is sudden change in the body of old lady and shocking because she start to release huge amount of blue energy.

The energy keep transfering to Jack O body.Kai wondering what energy was that until making him felt the Jack O keep getting stronger.

The body of Jack O Lantern turn with massive change and he saw a smoke write with weird words.

>Ghostly Form<

The black cloak turn white colour but there are mark of pumpkin head on the center of it which coloured with black.Its pumpkin head grow up a pair of horn which coloured in green and covered with red and yellow flame each of them.The stick that hang the three lantern also change where the stick didn't have too much change but become more longer.But the three lantern turn to blades making its look like a sickle hold by reaper but this time it's had three blade and with illuminated with original colour of red, green and yellow.

'Holy shit.What a cool transformation' the words come to Kai thought.


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