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Author :OverPsycho
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"My name is Max Sony.And note please don't talk with me" said a boy wearing a spectacle lazily when introduced himself to his new classmates.

"What wrong with him" ???

"Yeah and he look like nerd" ???

"He must be a loner.See those pervert eyes.It make me felt uncomfortable" murmured a girl.

"Ken look that new guy.I think we need to teach him a few lessons" ???

"Yeah my hand already not exercise for a while" replied Ken.

The students in the class whispered to each other about Max behavior.

While the students gossip about him,Max himself sat on the chair currently drawing something in his notebook.

"Look like today it much bigger than before" mumbled him while sketching something look like some kind of monster.Closed his notebook he walked to his teacher.

"Teacher can I go to the toilet" asked Max to his new teacher.

"Okay you can go but return quickly because I have announcements to be made" replied his teacher.

Max nodded his head walking out from the class toward the toilet.


"Teacher can I go as well.My stomach is hurt" said Ken holding his belly.

The teacher frown and felt suspicious about him but before he answer can Ken already rushed out from the class while saying "Thanks teacher".

"Teacher I'm also have stomachache" said one of Ken friend and started to stand up but teacher immediately hold him, didn't let him go.


Max walking at the corridor sometime glance behind his back looking to something.

From the other people sight they may see nothing behind but from Max own view there something, that is a creature full of hair on its body with a many tentacle come out from its presume mouth that are dragging on the ground.Its body structure look much like human but with huge devil tail attached to it.Everytime it's move a weird sound heard to Max's ears.

Kreak! Kreak!

"As I thought it already a year but that thing still follow me although I moved out from my parent house" murmured him.


It's already a year from the day when the first time he saw the ghost.Just when he saw it first time he shrieked out like woman but after a few month he already numb to it. The ghost only follow him and each time it disappear it will came back with a size bigger than before.First it's tall only 1 meter but now it reaches as high as 3 meter.

During the first few months he went to the get the treatment to ward it off,but all of the expert in thing like this didn't success to destroy this creature.Everyone that try to help him easily got themselves beaten out and this make he think those guy just a fraud.

Even his friends started to avoid themselves from him because they felt uncomfortable when near him.He felt sad about this but his parents still support him so he didn't give up.

That was until a month ago,Max parent start to getting a sick.Their body temperature start to fall down and strength turn weaker.He knew this make a decision to move out from the house and rent somewhere further because his intuition told him that this cause by the ghost.Both his mother and father heard this want to blocked him but they powerless as Max already make a firm decision.

The ghost just follow Max to his new school and he don't know what purpose it followed him but as long it doesn't bother him,he didn't care because he already surrender to this faithful fellow.


But today it's action somehow weird him as it first time show him it's eyes.Max saw the blood red eyes stare to him felt shudder and tense around his body.The stare making his body froze likely struck by deep fear but he immediately shake it off as his mentality already turn stronger for the past few month after it first appearance.

He walked hastily before start to ran from the ghost because each pore of his body seem screaming to him that he will died if he didn't get away from it.

"Shit I don't wanna die today.At least kill me when I'm already sixty year olds" shouted him.


Ken saw him ran misunderstood something and chased him while shouted "Don't run you coward I will catch you"

He thought that Max noticed him and ran from him because Ken want to beat him out.

Both of them running at the corridor make the quiet environment turn noisy with footsteps sound.

Max didn't know the route of this school as it only first day he come here.While he ran he found a stair,without a second thought he walked to it.

The ghost still chasing him make him accelerated his feet run down but his luck suck as always as he met a dead end,even after followed many different routes in the building as he can.

Kreak! Kreak!

He turn his head to the sound and saw the ghost just in front his face.Saw the hairy face of the creature with deep red eyes likely want to devour him making jumped back.

He stared to it while step back before hit a wall.He fall down to the floor and just the ghost tentacle about to touch him,someone voice calling him.

"Dude how come you ran so fast" said Ken loudly with tired tone.


Meanwhile, in the classroom,the teacher is tapping his finger on the table.

Tap! Tap!

"When those two will be back it's not like the toilet is far.I have urgent thing to handle after this" murmured teacher.

The teacher decided to announce the class about something as he think both of his student that went out will get inform by their classmates.

Pa! Pa!

Teacher clapping his hand to get the students attention and said "Ahem.. Ahem… Today I have announcements to be made.Some of you may already know but majority maybe don't get informed.During the holiday the school pipe system that flow the gases having a problem as it cracked and leak out some of the gases.Although it has been repaired, the students didn't allow to use it for a few weeks to avoid accidents occur "

"I will leave the class as there were a thing I need to handle so wait for another teacher to take the class" said the teacher to the students.He walked out from the classroom hastily.


At the laboratory,

"Dude,did we really need to do this" said student 1.

"Chill up man, I not like we kill someone.We just only doing a prank. It's not that bad" interrupted student 2.

"Yeah,you go to the teacher seat and put this glue.I will make sure that old hag will get consequences for the punishment last year" said student 3 indicated student 1 to do the job.

"Ok but if this didn't work.I will not join another prank" said student 1.

"Yeah! Yeah! Just do the job" replied the student 2.

The student 1 walked to the teacher seat and slowly apply the glue to the seat.

"Man,did you have a cigarette?" said student 2.

"Yeah.But I didn't have a lighter" replied the student 3.

"It's okay.Just pass it to me" said student 2.

Student 3 just throw the cigarette box to student 2.Student 2 took out one cigarette from the box before pass back the cigarette box to student 3.

Student 2 start to walked to the cabinet before open it and took out a box of matches.Took out the match he light it but only last about a second.After a few tries the same outcome is having to the other matches.

"What wrong with this match!!!" throw down the match box to the floor with anger.

"What's happen??" asked student 3.

"This match it only light for a second.It not enough to light the cigarette.This thing messed up my mood to smoking" explained student 2.

"Why you don't use that gas pipe at the back.The gas will make the fire stay" said student 3.

"Oh I forgot there that thing" replied student 2 slapping his forehead.

"This happened because you always sleep when teacher teaching" answered student 3.

"Haha.Its funny to heard from someone that stare to girl breast each time teacher is giving lesson.Even the teacher is been your victim stare.That why you got punish" scorned student 2.

"Shut it! Don't talk about that thing again.Grrr….if I got grope that breast I will never release it." mumbled student 3.

"Hahaha look that you pervert side is revealed" said student 2 walked to the gas pipe after took back the match box from the floor.

Student 3 heard only grumbled for a while before followed students 2 back.

Students 3 open the gas pipe and light the matches to it.The gas burned to blue color flame and student 3 saw this smile before light his cigarette.

"Dude I already done it"said student 1 that suddenly came from behind.

"Fuck it man you make me shocked there.It almost make my cigarette fall" replied student 2 angrily.

"Did you already settle it?" said student 3 asked him(1) eagerly

"Yes. It already done" replied student 1.

"Ok it's already done so now let's get out from here.You put the matches away" said student 2 to student 1 throwing the matches box.

Student 1 catches the box and looking it before replied "Dude it's already out of date.Where you got this thing!"

"Out of date!.So that why this thing only light for a second." said student 2 with enlightment.

"Just throw it.I got it from the cabinet.Fortunately there were this gas pipe.Atleast I can smoking for a while" continued student 2.

"Gas pipe? You mean the gas pipe that already broke during the holiday?" asked student 1 with serious expression.

"Yeah why.What wrong it?" asked student 3 back nonchalantly.

"The teacher announced that we can't use this pipe.Although it's already repaired we can't use without teacher permission" explained student 1.

"Chill man.It's not like we broke it.See dude it already close" said student 2.

"Who close it?" replied student 3 with bewildered expression.

"Eh it isn't you close it" pointing student 2 to student 3 with weird face.

"Not me" denied student 3.

""So who?"" said both of the student 2 and 3 stare to each other.

"Maybe it's broken.Try it.If it really broken we need to report to the teacher" interrupted student 1.

"You try it yourself.I don't want to involve with it" rebuked student 2 while he hastily walked out from the laboratory.

"Wait for me.You settle this problem.I'm out of here" spoke student 3 following student 2.

"But.. But..Its your fault.How I need to solve this" mumbled student 1 helplessly.

"Let's report to the teacher for now" murmured him.(1)

He(1) ran out from the laboratory and went to the direction where the teachers room.


"Dude how come you so fast" pent up Ken said.

"Who are you?" replied Max looking to Ken while keeping his cautious as the ghost already gone from his sight after this guy called him.

"Hahaha.You don't need to know cuz ahuk… ahuk what is this.What the fuck with this bad smell that like rotten eggs that Sam throw to Matthew last week...ahuk..ahuk..Shit man did you poop here or what.If I knew this I never chase you or at least let you go to the toilet first.Fuck me what a bad luck." replied Ken ran from the place while pinching his nose.

"Remember this I will told the class that you shitting here.Remeber that…..fuck the smell turn stronger" continued Ken fastened his feet.


"What's wrong with that guy,he just come and go just like that.But now I notice that the smell somewhat bad.Its because of the ghost or something else.Lets forget about it,for now let's get out from here while that ghost not here.I don't want that thing to kill me here.I need to find a way to kill it or atleast ward it off.It intentions clearly show to me that he want to reap my life.Fuck this isn't time for this nonsense of my.Let's get out from here" spoke Max start to run back try to follow back the way he start to ran from.


"Where am I??" mumbled him.Max start to turn his head to each direction because he didn't remember where actually the way back as he too busy ran from the ghost.

"This school is huge than I thought but now I'm in danger.I need to faster my pace.Actually where the ghost disappearing" murmured him as he cautiously survey the area.He found himself at the place that quite gloomy,where there are no sight of someone to his eyes.The corridor is too quiet and he somehow felt weird to this new place.

Actually the place he currently stand is a new building side where the school have finished built one years ago.This building is connected with the old building but the lacked of fund for the wiring the electricity making the school authorities suspended the construction for a while.They planned to continue the work after they can get enough fund but still that time didn't arrive until now.

"Umm...ah… ah… more harder...push again… deeper… ha...haa… more….give it more… ..umm… ahhhh" suddenly a sweet voice of someone caught to his ears.


He heard it walked slowly to the source of the voice and found a room where the door slightly open.He take a peek inside it and found a woman is pushing her body to the box about tall as her height,trying to fit it inside a wardrobe.Her hand slightly shaking and sweating when pushing,it show how hard she trying her best do it.

She has a shiny black hair with voluptuous body.She wore a white lab coat with a black short skirt that cover lower part of her body which only half of her snow white thigh.He can saw it through her coat,it slightly show to him as its turn a bit mess when she trying to push the box.

He have intentions to help but he also has his own predicament to handle so he felt it not the time for this.Just he about to retreat,he saw the big box shaking before start to falling down to the direction of the woman.

"Ahhhhh… ." shrieked the woman saw the box about to fall to her.

Max body without hesitation reacted to this situation.He rushed to woman position and hugged her to act as a shield to protect her body.Fortunately the woman have about same height as him which about 1.75 meter tall.This make him cover most of her body from getting injuries.


The sound of the box slammed to our MC back.Max body forcefully being push to the front and incidentally his lips plastered on something warm.Because the pained he bear from the force,he didn't have time to notice this thing.He try to push back the box using all his strength.

"You move out!!" said him with pained expression to the woman.

"Ah.. Ugh… okay.." replied the woman after a bit dazed.She start to moving her body with difficulty to get out from the position.

Max saw the woman already safe, he continue to push until the box is stand straight again.His body sweating from the work and pain he just gotten.

He fall down and sat on the floor while holding his back.

'Ughh… what actually in the box.My back is hurt so much because of it' think him while rubbing his back.

The woman walked to Max after saw him sat on the floor with pained face.

"Are you okay?" spoke the woman worrying.

"Did you think I'm okay?" replied him.

"No.." answered her faintly.

"So why do you ask?... Ugh" spoke him with a bit sarcastic tone.

"I'm sorry about that.Your injuries let me treat it for now" apologize and her tone turn serious.

"Can you stand?" continue her.

"Yes but...ugh…just a bit pain" replied Max trying to stand with a shaking once in a while.

"Let me help you.You need to lay on the bed so I can treat you" said her supporting his body.

"Okay.." said Max start walking to the bed with the woman help.


In the room a woman is saw applying some kind of cream to the back of a man.The man is lay on bed and currently topless showing his back as the woman softly using her hand to put the medicine.

Max back body full of bruise which turn a bit purple like someone punch his back many times.The woman just stare for while before continuing treatment.

"What are you doing here?" suddenly the woman asked when treating him.

"I'm a bit loss.Im new to this school" replied Max.

"Oh.. That's why you here" said her.

"Why? I shouldn't came here?" asked him turning his face stare to her.

"Yes you shouldn't here.This building isn't finish construction yet.Did you notice here didn't have electricity.The school didn't have enough fund for it.So it cannot be use for a time being" explained her.

Max looking to the room and notice there were somekind of machine maybe a generator to produce electricity at the corner side of the room.

"But how can you be here?" asked him back.

"I'm forgot you a new student.Actually the old building have a problem with the pipe system that flow the gases so the laboratory can't be use for now.Although they have repaired it,the student can't use it until the problem is sure been solve fully.I as the chemistry teacher been transfer here so I can conduct experiments with the students during the lesson without worrying the problem.Hmm..shouldn't your teacher make an announcement to your class right?" said her relatively long.

"Oh.. I went to the toilet but I lost the way.Maybe because of that I late get inform" weakly he replied.

"So that why.You should asked someone if you new here.Maybe they can help you" said her with kind tone.

He just smiled bitterly while thought 'If me one years ago maybe I will asked someone or even have some friends but I didn't think about that now.If I do that it just endanger the other person.Even I'm not a good person but still to involve someone to my problem without their capabilities is out of my mind'

"Okay.. Im try my best about it" answered him.

"Teach.. Teacher… can I called you that?" asked him.

"It's Mary…" replied her with a bit flushed.

He saw Mary face becomes a bit dazed because she now have cute face with her innocent like eyes.Her lips and a bit pointy nose making her a beauty on her own league.This not including her voluptuous body that will attract many guy stare.He quickly snapped out of it as it inappropriate to him to stare to the person face he only know for a moment.


"Okay….Teacher Mary.I just want to ask why don't you ask other person help?" said Max pointing his finger to the big box.

"Just call me Mary....If you ask about that. It's because they currently busy with their work as today is the first day school starts back.Im just a bit rushing and want to finish the clean more faster so I doing it myself.But I never thought incident will happen.Thanks to you I'm save.If I got hit by that thing maybe no one will help me as I didn't notify someone about today work" said her sincerely.

"Teacher...Ma...Mary… I want to ask something.What actually inside the box cuz when it hit me,I felt so much pain?And one thing I felt something warm on my lips during the incident what-.. Just forgot the second question" spoke him.

He immediately stopped his second question as he saw Mary face turn beet red.He not fool,he noticed it and conclude it must be something embarrassing to her to talk about.

"In the box it actually contain the apparatus you usually use during the experiment.About..about...the second question...its..its" answered Mary.

Just she about to finish her word,a sound heard to both of them.


He heard the sound saw Mary took out a blue coloured smartphone from her labcoat pocket.

"An incoming call.Let me pick up for a while" said her to him.She went out from the room and he heard her voice talking with someone through the phone.


He just nodded as a replied he continue lay on the bed.But he felt sudden cold from his back,first he thought the side effect of the cream.But he noticed this cold feeling somehow he familiar.

He immediately turn his back and saw his faithful fellow the hairy tentacle monster.

"Look like you back again and you turn much bigger than before.So that why you disappearing" sarcasm him.

The ghost size now is high as 5 meter tall and it head been through the ceiling of the room.

He reacted with jumped out from the bed and started reached his clothes from the side.He started to running to the door while wearing his uniform.

"Chase me if you can.You fucking ghost" shouted him.

"YOU… WHERE… .YOU… .GOING…. I… .WILL… KILL… .YOU…" replied the ghost.

Max slightly stopped before continuing running and thought 'Did it finally can speak.Shit even it size now become bigger.This making it more difficult'

"Student where you going" shouted Mary saw Max ran out from the room.

She suddenly felt a sudden cold air hit her body making her body a bit shudder.She murmured "What was that feeling?"

"I have a thing to handle" replied him.He fastened his feet to distance himself from the ghost.

"Student wait I have something to say" shouted her again saw his back turn further.

Max didn't heard her as he busy saving himself.

"The school currently now is dangerous place.I need to inform him about this" murmured Mary.She immediately chasing him to the direction Max disappeared.

She actually got called by one of the teacher said that the school have gas leaking so they need to evacuate the school area.As she said there no electricity here so the emergency alarm may not reach this place.


"Huh… huh.. Ah… ah…" pented up Max ran.

He now in the school hall at the new building side.

He saw the ghost turn more closer and closer to him from the back.He already tired running so he just turn back and shouted "Why do want to kill me?"

"KILL...MUST….KILL…" replied the ghost.

"Before this you didn't kill me.Why this time?" asked him again.

"KILL… KILL….KILL" same replied it let out.

He frown and said seriously "Did you think I will let you kill me easily.I felt I will dead if I confront you but still...still… I don't want to died without fight for my own life…if my friend leave me....although I felt pain… but.. now.. .I don't care cuz...I have my family waiting for me…Did you have family... You didn't have family so you never know...That why for my family that waiting for mother… father… .and my little twin sister…at least I will fight to the end…So prepare your best…my (friends)"

Kreak! Kreak!

"Wargh… KILLLLLL… …" roared the ghost.

"Although we only know only for a year.Still can you answer a bit longer than those word.. It's kinda irritating" said him.


He rushed to the ghost and mumbled "The first one to strike gain more advantage"

He swing his fist with all his might to the ghost body and it just went through it.

Because the momentum he released from the swing make him tripped and rolled on the floor.

'Shit how come I will win this fight.I clearly lose from the start' cursed him in the mind.

He saw the ghost approaching him with a heavy step.He just stare likely a criminal waiting for it punishment because he felt it the end for him as he can't ran for whole his life.Maybe the ghost turn big as Godzilla when the longer he wait.


The ghost start to move its thousands of black tentacle that many hole on the surface of it.It start to release weird black smoke like something been burning before move to him with unimaginable speed.

He saw the tentacles moving and shooting straight to his body.He just stare calmly to the tentacles and thought 'I hope my corpse will in a perfect state cuz I don't want my parents saw my corpse full of hole cuz I remember my mother phobia when saw thing that have many hole at the same place.What that thing… nah ...I already forgot it…that goodbye world'

Just the scary tentacles about to touch his body.A sudden green light illuminated his body likely shield him from the attack.


"Eh...not again.Just why don't let me dead… I will turn crazy if I live like this… you know" groaned him.Just like before something will stop this ghost but he didn't know if it will kill the ghost that why he felt a bit anger.

He saw a figurine of something floating in front him.He reached it and figure it out,it's a favourite character during his young time.Its a Danny from Danny Phantom cartoon show and it now released a green light covering his body.

He remembered this thing were given by blind old man this morning when he help the man before arriving to school.The blind old man said to him this is his lucky charm and he give it to him hope it will give a luck to other person like himself.

He just accepted thoughtlessly as he didn't felt it will help with his current problem but he never reject a good intention of someone.He put into his pocket and almost forgot this thing.


Bang! Bang!

He saw this ghost attacked his body but the green light protect his body from it barrage.

'What a dangerous monster.If I really strike by the thing maybe my body will turn to shape that even myself can't recognize.But this figurine how it reacted this time and why it didn't activate during the before attack' thought him.

Max quickly dismissed the thought as he saw the barrage of attacks is like a ten of machine gun been shot to his body at the same time.Every second about hundreds tentacle shot to his body before replace by another hundred.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He stand up before stare at the ghost and start to swing his fist to one of the tentacles that strike him.The tentacle got deviated from it original path and hit the floor behind him.


"As I conclude,I finally can strike you down.With this green light help I finally can touch you" spoke him as he grabbed the another ghost tentacle.

Although he not have a strength that can rival the ghost but his absolute defend overcome the disadvantage of him.He start to punch like a maniac and ripped of many tentacle as he can.He also can felt that his strength increasing and turn higher than normal people each time he hurt the ghost.

"Warghh… KILLL… MUST...KILLLLLLL" the voice of the ghost let out without felt a hint of pain even after Max ripped many it's tentacle.

He although felt a hint of sympathy saw the ghost state but this for his own good.So he continue the strike without care anything.


"This ghost have a tough heart even after been like this" spoke him.

In front of him, the ghost is state now is very bad as it feet completely smashed by Max after the attacked.The ghost just try to stand with its hand but Max reacted kicked it many times until it turn dislocated.The ghost fall down and just lay off on the floor.

"Warghh… KILL… KILLL" roaring the ghost.

He jump up to the body of the ghost and walked to it head.He kicked the tentacles that along the way at the mouth.

He arrived and saw the hairy ghost red blood eyes.He walked to it and squat down down,staring to its eyes that big as his head.

"Actually saw your state making me a bit pain in heart because you already turn like a friend to me.After we together about a years, I hope we just live together with quiet life.Although I don't know why you attack me today but like other people,I want to live.So I'm sorry" said him.

Max swing his fist with full strength to the ghost face.



The ghost turn motionless after the strike and Max saw something shone to his eyes.He take it and notice it as a blood bead with ping pong size, he immediately kept it into his pocket.

"I don't know what that thing but this thing can be something dangerous.So it's better for me to keep it" mumbled him.

He jumped down from the ghost body and noticed the green light started to dissipate from his body.

"Look like the green light power also started to lose.Im finally survive from the ghost.Fyuh...but I hope this thing will never happen again" mumbled Max.

"Student!..Student!... Ha… haaaa" voice someone direct to him.


"Teacher Mary… What are you doing here?" asked Max as he saw Mary ran to him with sweating face.

"Student… finally… I caught you" replied her with tired tone.

"Did I do something bad or what" spoke him.

"No...I want to inform..we need to get out from here because there emergency" said Mary.

"Emergency...what emergency?" asked him.

"The gas is leaked so we need to evacuate from here.Let's go before its too late" urged her.

"Gas leak maybe that why I smell weird thing before" mumbled him.

"Okay..Lets go….. Ugh…Ahhhh.. " groaned him suddenly.

"Are you okay?Did you back hurt again?" asked Mary with worried while ran to him.

"No-nothing it just a bit pain,maybe because of the running" assured him.

"Oh.. Okay.Did you need help?" asked her.

"It's okay.I will manage it.Teacher can you show the way as I don't remember the route" said him while putting a fake smile.

"Yeah..follow my back" replied her with uncertainty because worry about our MC.

She started to walked slowly so Max can follow her pace.

"The ghost it's still I'm sure it's already dead.Maybe the body react even it already dead" murmured him.

He holding his stomach as there were in pained.His body actually been penetrate by the ghost tail.Fortunately teacher Mary can't see it, if she saw it many questions will be thrown about his injuries.The ghost tail is actually striking him when he chatting with the teacher.

Because of sudden attack and he currently having a conversation, the attack managed to penetrate his back and out at the other side of his belly.This also happened as he too careless after slain the ghost.

He saw the ghost start to dissipated and the tail that penetrate his body also disappeared but the pain in his body still there.


He just follow behind Mary back with slow pace.They now in the corridor of old building.

"Did you need my help?Its look like you in serious pain" asked Mary.

"It's okay" replied him.

Suddenly a sound of something caught to their ears.


The sound like something explode caught to their sense.

"Something exploding.Teacher Mary we need to move faster" urged him.

"Okay" simply she replied.

They both start to moving faster but a sound of explosion is heard near them.Max saw a part of ceiling falling down to both of them.He without hesitation jumped and pushed Mary back using all his energy.

Mary felt sudden force can't react as she froze heard the explosion.Her body been pushed managed to get out from the fallen ceiling area.

"Ughh...It hurt… Student!... Student!" searching her for Max as she didn't saw him.She felt her body been pushed by someone so she only can think about Max as he the only one behind her.She can felt her leg sprained while walking.

"Here!!" coming a shout from the area of ceiling that fall down.

"Student is that you?" asked her ran to the voice.

"Thanks God.You here.. Let's get out from here student" said her as she trying to pull Max hand.

"I don't think about that" replied Max using his other hand to released Mary hand from him.

"Didn't you notice yet" continue him as he pointing to his both leg that stuck under the debris of ceiling.

"Ah…. Your legs it's stuck.Let..let me help you" said her.She try to move the stone from Max legs but she not strong enough to move a stone of that size.

"Teacher just let it go.. You better get out now cuz this place already turned hot" said him.

The school already on fire after the explosion.The sound of firetruck siren reverberated to his ears.The temperature keep increasing making him sweating.

He already truly give up his life because he can felt the ghost tail that stabbed him making his life force turn weaker.Its like a curse that keep into his body that eventually reap his life.If he managed to survive,he maybe will live only for a few years.

He stare to the teacher eyes and said "Teacher….you better get out now because I don't think I will survive this predicament.So I hope you can send my family a message that I love them.Say to them thank for everything they have done to me and sorry because I can repay them"

Teacher Mary heard this just let out a tear and said "I should died but you always save me.I should injured hit by the box.I should the one under the debris.Why!!!"

Max saw this moving his hand and wiped the tear and said "It's not that.Its me that want to save you.Maybe it a fate or something that I never ran from.But remember don't resent yourself cuz I will hate you if you do that.Life your fullest maybe find a boyfriend for a start"

"But… but" said her.

"Shuhhh… not but-but..its better to move now" said him.

"O-okay I will get someone to help.Wait here and I will came back" seriously she said.She started to running to the direction of the safe place but she stopped a bit before turn back ran to him.

"Eh.. What are you doing here back" asked him.

"What your name?" a sudden question is throw to Max by Mary when in front of him.

Max remember finally that he didn't introduce himself to her.'Maybe she want to know my names so that she can inform my family' thought him.

"It's Max.Max Sony that my name" answered him.

Suddenly he saw Mary move her face to him and plastered her lips to his.He stunned for a while before heard "Max you're my first boyfriend candidate so don't leave me".She stand up and start running back to the same direction as before.

He just smiled and murmured "Boyfriend huh… didn't think I will become a teacher boyfriend but I don't think I can survive.Hope she can search the guy much better than me".He saw Mary back turn blurry while touching his lips.

He also felt his conscious started to weaken before he closed his eyes.


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