Ancient One
27 The Home.
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Ancient One
Author :Ay82473
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27 The Home.

The Universal Plane consisting of Earth and various other galaxies aka the Mortal plane was the border of the Multiverse. The structure of Multiverse was such that the higher planes were situated in the central part. They were the planes consisting of stronger laws and powerful energy. As we move from the center in a circular manner the laws and energy density weakens thus forming the lower level planes. Even though Earth was situated in the borders of the Multiverse, it was a special planet for Arya.

Earth was home to Arya's master and him as well. Thus Arya put huge effort in its protection and safety. Since, his return Arya visited many places on Earth and calmed his mind. Arya was unaware of the reason behind his master's imprisonment but one thing was sure that there was no prison which could hold him. Since, his master still stayed in the prison there must be a reason to it.


Earth, Himalayan mountain ranges. Arya was seated on the peak of a tall mountain. He watched the scenery from the peak. It had been many years since the start of the cosmic age. Humanity had expanded rapidly. Even though it scope only lay in the solar system, its technological advancement was vast with the help of Khothians. He watched as Humanity ushered into a new era. He watched as how Humanity became more and more arrogant. He watched everything in silence as he was not worried. The seal that covered the solar system was removed.

Arya seated breathed in the fresh air with his eyes closed as if in a trance. Suddenly his eyes opened and with a thought he vanished. He reappeared in the endless chaos standing outside the Tower, an emotion of longing could be seen in his eyes as he entered the Tower in the same method as the Governor. In front of Arya was a man human looking with black hair and bright eyes. He was the man he waited to see. His master, The Ancient sealed in the Tower. His master looked at Arya and smiled.

" Ah... Boy, I see you have grown up. Come have a seat its been time since we last met."
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"Old man even though it has been such a long time you still are the same." Arya responded in a calm voice but his eyes betrayed himself.

"Never mind..... Never mind. Well, I summoned you today to discuss something important with you. Since you have grown to this point I can put my hopes on you. Now listen carefully what i am about to say...'

Although Arya could enter and leave the Tower as he wished, he could not meet his master as the region he was located was out of his bound for he was the creator of the Tower. Arya listened as his master talked.

"Before I begin, let me ask you how much do you know about the Primordial Universe ?"

Arya was puzzled by this question but still answered to his best.

" The Primordial Universe according to legends was the only Universe before the Divide and the Multiverse of today's as a whole is comprised of Primordial Will of the Universe. "

" Right, if you know those Legends then you must know what happened after the calamity but do you know what the Calamity was ? Now what i am about to say belongs to the deepest secret of the Primordial Universe and must not be disclosed to anyone."

Arya was sworn by his master to keep the talk secret.

" Let me start from my history and origin. I am last of my race, my race was the most powerful race of the Primordial Era known as The Ancient Race."


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