Ancient One
24 The Meet 1.
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Ancient One
Author :Ay82473
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24 The Meet 1.

It has been 2 days since the incident of the Khothians fleet. Darco was seated in his cabin. His wounds were completely healed, but no matter how much he stressed his brain he could not remember what happened. He only remembered rushing to fight against the intruder who destroyed the ship. He was in deep thought when he heard the knock on the door.

" Come in." He replied.

The door opened and the ship captain entered with red eyes and a pale face. Since the incident there has been unrest among the troops, so he had many things to do. Although Darco was the commander he didn't do much things apart from fighting formidable opponents and left all the work for the captain.

The captain saluted the commander and said,

" Commander the task force from Planet is back. It seems that there was some accident, only the ship crew survived. I interrogated them and found out that the task force captain was murdered along with the team. Apparently the captain was indulged in kidnapping, murder and **** of the natives and committed all sorts of treacherous deeds. Although he died, the killer is unknown. I request permission to use resources to track the killer and seek revenge Sir. "

After he listened to the report Darco understood what happened, apparently the attack before was only a warning. It seems some formidable entity was protecting this Planet, still when his thoughts raced back to the attack and his memory problem his head ached.

Taking a deep breath his responded,

"Stop all operations on the Planet and prepare to contact the natives. We must cooperate with the natives for our mission and make sure no native is harmed and remember it is and equal cooperation. "

The captain was shocked by the commanders order. He quickly recovered and asked,

" Commander, sorry for the rudeness but may I ask the reason behind this action. I why should we cooperate with the natives that too an equal cooperation. Not to mention the species is inferior to ours by many millennium. With our resourced we could very well do anything with this Planet."

The commander knew what his captain was implying. The khothians were a prideful race. They never had any cooperation with any race in the universe let alone equal cooperation.

" I know what you mean captain but you must know that the Planet is special although I don't know what makes it's special. I can feel my instincts and they tell me something about this Planet is special. Anyways, the primary reason for the cooperation is that the attack previously on the fleet was done by a formidable existence and it was a warning. After I fought that existence, he stated that we must have an equal cooperation with the natives and must share our knowledge with them. Although it sound ridiculous, we must comply for even I am not match for that existence."

The commanders reply made the captains heart sink. He shuddered when he thought about the attack earlier. Even if they used their most formidable weapon they cannot make the space collapse to such a degree. Even their commander, who is an apex existence in the Universe could not do such a thing.

Looking at the pale captain the commander ordered with a firm tone.

"Go carry the task and remember such disrespect will not be tolerated again."

The captain bowed down and saluted and went back to complete the task.

"Hmm, I must not anger that senior or else my race might cease to exist. It seems senior values the natives. I must create a bond with them. It might improve my image in front of the senior."

Darco wanted to contact that senior and ask for his help, for he might know where his father is. His eyes began to shine thinking about the prospect of finding his father.

Meanwhile in the faraway continent of Asgard The Governor was about to leave for the survey of the Tower and the being inside it.


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