Ancient One
23 The Friend.
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Ancient One
Author :Ay82473
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23 The Friend.

After the brief fight with Darco, Arya was tired. Being on a far higher cultivation level he could not use his power without limit or else he might accidentally destroy this dimension. Even the word spoken by him earlier could have destroyed the dimension but at the last moment he took the brunt of that power on his body by absorbing almost 99.99% of the attack power. This left his soul in a daze as the power absorbed could not adjust with his energy on its own, but it happened only for a fraction of a microsecond. Arya touched Darco's body and vanished, at the same time outside the artifact room on the main ship he appeared with Darco's body floating in the air, still unconscious. He looked at the two droids in front of the door and smiled with satisfaction. This two droids were his work. They were kept here for safeguarding the thing kept inside. Although they looked harmless from looks, they were very strong. The materials used for making them were not from this dimension and something with Arya personally brought from a location only known to him.

Arya entered the room and left Darco's body in the corner of the room. The room only contained two objects - a katana and a musketeer- Heaven and Axiom. The Katana called Heaven was made from one of the strongest metal in the Universe. It is sharp enough to cleave through almost any object.

The Musketeer Axiom, designed specifically for Arya. During those days his energy control was improper as using heaven required lots of energy. Some of this energy leaked through the katana. So Arya designed Musketeer which absorbs the excess energy and stores it in the pocket dimension inside it. Both the weapons were his personal weapons and they can only be used by him only.

The katana specially was made by his master when he just started his adventure in the Universe.

As Arya entered the room Heaven and Axiom started vibrating. He knew they were aware of his arrival. Since this weapons were used by him in his youth they did not contain any weapon spirit. He held the katana in his right hand and musketeer in his left and closed his eyes. He remembered those days when he and his friends side by side roamed the Universe. Those days were his happy days.

"Sigh...How have you been Heaven and Axiom !". He gently stroked the katana with his musketeer.

This were the weapons created by his master and him. Even though many feared his master, he considered his master as his only friend. Thinking about his master Arya blanked out for a second. His master was a human by race. He always said.

Humanity is not defined as a race by the blood they have in their veins, but with the Heart through which it flows.

Till date Arya never understood what his master meant, but of course no one did. His masters love for humanity reached so deep that he was even wiling to be forever imprisoned for it. Arya was a human not by birth but by his Heart. His master once mentioned that the racial discrimination in the multiverse runs very deep. People are determined by their race. Arya's eyes became wet with tears. But he never forgot the words which master left behind.

"Remember my child, Nothing is good or evil, no one is good or bad. Positive and negative exist to balance power. Light and Dark are only means to showcase the power. True power comes not by  strength, will or talent, but by soul, heart and effort. Your mind is the strongest weapon and your heart is the strongest shield. Together you can accomplish anything in this Multiverse. "


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