Ancient One
22 The Ancient.
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Ancient One
Author :Ay82473
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22 The Ancient.

In the most higher layer of the Multiverse existed a continent. The continent was about 1 light year in radius and suspended in space. The continent was called Asgard. It was home for one of the most strongest and populated race God race. The entire continent was work of beauty and marvel. The God race was a race which excelled at physique, soul and essence cultivation. The origin of this race was unknown. Some believed that they were a race which were slaves to some powerful race which existed before The Divide. There were many speculations about the race's origin but none was confirmed. They were considered a strong force in the multiverse.

Inside a grand floating island on the center of the continent was a grandiose palace. It radiated an overwhelming presence and power. This palace was home of the God council. The members of the council were the strongest and wisest minds in the race. The entire council consists of only 9 members with the strongest being the first and so on. In the largest room of the palace the council members were seated for the meet. The seats were arranged accordingly from 1 to 9.

"Eldest brother why have you summoned us all." A man with a thick beard and white hair was seated on the 2nd chair asked. The Eldest brother was the man seated on the 1st chair. The Governor of the God race, he looked at all the members and took a deep breath and said.

" I have conveyed the meeting because a matter of highest priority has come. Recently our engineers detected a source of outburst. The outburst was around the level of my cultivation. According to our analysis it originated from a far off Universe situated near the G.o.D sealing Tower. Even though the Universe is still safe it is unknown from whom it originated. The signature scan shows a match, the energy signature is same as that man."

After he said that the faces of all the members changed.

"That's impossible that man was sealed inside the tower by the Ancestor himself."

The Ancestor of the God race was a genius and his strength was at the limit of the multiverse. He was called Invincible and unbeatable, but no one knew that he fought with The Ancient. The council members were aware of the fight and knew it's result too. They knew that their Ancestor gave his life and sealed the Ancient in the tower left in the outskirts near the void. It was considered the highest level of secret of their race. No one was aware of it apart from the council.

The Governor also knew this secret in fact he knew more than this but remained silent about the fact and he spoke.

" The signature match is approx 99.99% match. It's not 100 %. Still we must check the tower to be sure. This meeting will now be adjourned and it's decided that me along with the Ancestral Artifact will check the Tower to confirm the situation. Dismissed."

The members left the council hall one by one in the sequence and only the Governor was left. He sighed heavily and his figure disappeared like a mist.

The man mentioned by the governor was the man who threatened their very existence. The god race was no doubt powerful but they were not able to dominate all the Universes. No one knew the origin of the god race. Their were plenty of other races strong enough to threaten their existence. Among them was one such race, only a single person existed in the entire race. The race which was said to be extinct in the multiverse. The race with enough power to destroy whole Universes. 'The Ancient'.


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