Ancient One
21 The Visit.
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Ancient One
Author :Ay82473
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21 The Visit.

Inside the hall of the Ancestral Temple in moon, Arya sat on his throne laid back as if in a deep thought. It had been few days since the Khothians incident on Planet Earth, Arya was very disappointed in the Khothians. He had a deep connection with their ancestor and hence choose to warn them one last time.

" Tar, I need to make a trip to the visitors to warn them of the consequences. I will be right back." said Arya and vanished from the hall.


Inside the Khothians master ship Darco was seated in a lotus position on his throne and meditating.

The master ship was made of a unique metal which prevented any kind of interference from any and all external and internal vibrations. Outside the ship in the vast space Arya stood with his head held high and eyes gazing the vast ship which held remorse and pain. But this pain was soon forgotten and filled with determination. His aura spiked and the surrounding space started to twist. Just his aura alone was capable of twisting space and creating miniature black holes. The look in his eyes was replace with disdain, an arrogant look on his face. He gazed the entire fleet of Khothians from a high ground and pointed at a particular ship. This ship was the ship responsible for the mission on Earth.

The space around the ship started to distort and the ship collapsed right from the middle in the form of a ball and disappeared.

Meanwhile inside the master ship, Darco who was meditating opened his eyes and shouted.

"WHO DARES...…!!" His eyes turned red and an overwhelming bloodlust swallowed the ship. The crew members fainted with foam in their mouth and the captains and commanders barely held on. The whole event happened in just few seconds. Darco was angered and his rage consumed his thought. As a being containing the blood of the True Dragon, he had his pride and ego which was hurt and his blood demanded blood to cool down. His figure instantly vanished and reappeared outside the ship in the space.

Even though humans believed nothing exists in space, Ether existed everywhere in space. The true nothingness existed outside the universe. Just beyond the the G.o.D sealing Tower. Darco as a being with an Immortal level cultivation could exist in space. Darco arrived at the location of the intruder and saw Arya floating in space above the fleet and gazing at him with disdain in his eyes. Darco's rage intensified looking at the puny being in front of him. Darco and his race of Khothians were about 2 meters tall and had a well built muscles. Arya looked puny in comparison with Darco with skinny body and no muscles.

" PUNY CREATURE. HOW DARE YOU DESTROY MY RACE'S FLEET. PAY FOR YOUR INSOLENCE WITH YOUR BLOOD AND DIE...…!" Darco shouted in rage and flew towards Arya. His swung his fist clad in red aura towards Arya. Looking at the fist filled with Immortal level aura Arya's face was filled with disdain. He held his pinky up and placed it between the fist and his body. The fist struck his pinky but was unable to even move an inch forward. Darco was astonished for a brief moment but the boiling blood needed to be cooled. His swung his other fist and same thing happened again. They exchanged more hundreds of moves in a second but the outcome remained same. After few seconds Arya was irritated by Darco and commanded.


Darco's body immediately came to halt. His muscles started convulsing. Blood flowed from his orifices, body trembling. Just a single word from Arya's mouth rendered the most powerful man in this dimension immobile and severely injured. Darco's eyes which were filled with rage and anger and a tint of red, were soon replace with a black blankness and his consciousness started drifting.

Arya pointed his finger to the forehead and a strand of aura left his finger and entered Darco's body and his body healed in a split second.

"A fool Blinded by the bloodline. Little Gold see what you have done." A sigh escaped Arya's mouth.


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