Ancient One
11 The Terror.
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Ancient One
Author :Ay82473
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11 The Terror.

While the generals and Arya were conversing. The old man "Atharva" lead the tribe leaders to their quarters. The Tribe leaders, with a face full of fear followed the old man. They had many questions in their mind. For example, The identity of the voice, The old man before them, The Temple and many more. They followed the old man till they reached what looked like a normal wooden door. The old man opened the door and entered, other three followed him. After the old man entered, he exhaled a long breath, his facial muscles relaxed. Turning around he glanced at the Tribe Leaders and said in a deep voice,

"As everyone knows myself Atharva, I will be explaining you the protocols. First- never leave this room until ordered. Second- you are not allowed to do anything outside the cabin without the order whether it be talking or even breathing loudly. Lastly Third- never disobey any command unless you wish for death. That's it. Now you may each ask your questions if you have any? RIG tribe leader you first."

"Ah yes, what is this Temple? Who are you? What was that pressure earlier?", replied Abdalla as he was dazed by the old man's word, with astonishment all over the face.

"Okay, The Temple is the HQ of The Society its location is a secret and mystery to all. I am Atharva as you all know. The pressure earlier was by the guardian of Temple." said Atharva in a calm manner.

"But, who was the person earlier who commanded us? Why is it that we are unaware about this place? ," asked the Sama Tribe leader. He was truly terrorized by the voice earlier and could feel that a single step wrong would lead to his death. His eyes shined with greed. If he could get the guardian to his beck and command then the whole world would be his. As his thought process wondered. He was brought back forcefully by the very voice which terrorized him.

"His Highness has commanded, you must reach the Royal court." The presence of this voice made their hearts stop for a second. Everybody knew they must return or else....


In the Royal Court, Arya was having a chat with the Generals.

"Your Excellency, Atharva has arrived", Temple Guardian reported.

"Let them in, and yes, Tar sweep through the galaxy and warn those foolish people to back off, or else....", as he said the last word a horrifying killing intent flashed in his eyes for a split of a second. The pressure released by his body was so strong that even the generals paled for a moment.

"As you order, Your Highness."

The gate of the main hall slowly opened and Atharva and the tribe leaders entered.

Atharva bowed before the Throne and took hi seat. The three tribe leaders stood looking at the ground not daring to look up. The Sama tribe leader then gestured the Yajur Tribe leader secretly.

His main intention was to probe the one on the Throne. They both heard from Abdalla about the man sitting on the throne and believed that the pressure earlier was from the Guardian not from the man. They thought the man was able to sit on the throne only because of he was Creator's Descendant.

Including Abdalla no one among the three believed that the pressure was released by the man sitting on the throne.

"Raise your heads." commanded Arya.


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