Ancient One
9 The Report.
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Ancient One
Author :Ay82473
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9 The Report.

Arya commanded with a stern voice, "Report…."

His voice reverberated in the hall. The hall was then lit in a aurora colored light and four women wearing aurora colored armor appeared, each having an imposing aura, as if a general who fought thousand if not tens of thousands of war. They all bowed and saluted simultaneously.

"We greet His Highness", Arya nodded after hearing their greeting, emanating an aura of an invincible Ruler. After saluting a woman wearing an armor full of magical runes stepped forward.

"Reporting to His Highness, after you departed the state of Mother world degraded. Humans created more machines forgetting the ancient teachings and the cultivation progress. The Vedan Society has degraded from the guardian tribes to protector tribes. The last vestiges of cultivators remain only in the society secretly protecting the planet. The essence energy of Mother world has been diluted and is on the verge of dissipating. There were no other worldly threats yet. After your departure, the Solar System was covered with a powerful concealing seal. Allowing only people above Ascension Stage to leave and allowing no one to Enter."

After finishing his report the general stepped back and stood with four of them.

"It seems my decision was wrong. I instructed a civilization with the deployment of the seal. I thought you people would get too strong with the resources left and would gain too many enemies, thus I ordered to set the seal so that the Mother world remain safe. But alas Man proposes, Heaven disposes. Anyways that isn't my main concern right now. Tell me about the Society's State and about the current acting Tribe leaders"

"The Rig tribe has been maintaining its secrecy and only helps when needed, because of which they are bullied by the other two tribes. Speaking of which, the Sama tribe leader has rapidly increased his influence in the world and seems to be plotting something. The Yajur tribe leader has been bribed by the Sama tribe leader and its forces are been used by the Sama tribe leader." said the general who reported earlier.

"Hmmmm, okay adjourned for today", saying this Arya retracted his aura and smiled. The four generals seeing him smiling were filled with tears in their eyes. They retracted their armors and rushed towards Arya hugging him tightly.

"Young master, we missed you to death, we thought we would never be able to see you." cried one of them. Seeing their looks Arya's eyes were filled with love and heart warmed. This four beautiful and world toppling women were his generals and were staying in this realm to protect Mother world. Each of them were powerful enough to destroy the universe. They were instructed by him to stay and protect the realm not because his was afraid of someone destroying his home, but because he didn't want them to sacrifice as his departure back then was filled with powerful and unknown threats capable of even killing even him.

"Alright, I know I missed you guys too. Now I am staying here for some time and will accompany you all", he said smiling.

"Young master, were you able to do it?", asked one of them.

"No, if it was possible to do it so easily I would have been finished long ago. But my trip this time was successful and next time would be the day when I finish it", his eyes shining with a ruthless tyrannical and overbearing light.

Hearing him say such words, the four generals sighed and started gossiping with each other and Arya.

Such moments were rare in their previous meet and they happily enjoyed it.


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