Ancient One
6 Code 504.
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Ancient One
Author :Ay82473
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6 Code 504.

After the tribe leader Abdalla went for preparation of Code 504.

Code 504, being the highest level summoning code has great power but requires the presence of one or more Tribe Leader. It is said that the last time it was used was around 200 years before, when the creator wanted to summon the newly crowned Tribe Leader. Yes, crowned.

The Vedan Society consists of Four main Veda Tribes, signifying the Four Ways, Rig- Way of Praise, Sama- Way of Equality, Yajur- Way of Sacrifice, Atharva- Way of Magic. In the Society there was no leader, the top most echelon members of the society consisted of the three tribe leaders of Rig, Yajur, Sama only. Any decision must be discussed by the tribe leaders and must be consented by the Tribal Vedas. Vedas were the Ancient Grimoire consisting of Ancient Knowledge. It was the final trump card of the Society against any external threat. It was this, that brought terror to any attackers, leading to no external threats yet.

The Tribe Leader has to be crowned and he or she has to be accepted by the Tribal Vedas respectively and for that it was necessary to perform the coronation Ritual in the Ancestral ground. The last coronation ceremony was held 200 years before. It wasn't that they didn't want to crown them-self but they were not capable, the Grimoire rejected the tribe leaders. Thus as a symbol of the Tribe Leader a tribal staff was made accordingly, which represented the Tribe.

As the sun set in the west, the sky was painted with orange color as if dimly lit by fire. Abdalla was done with the preparations. He knew that the energy consumption would be high but he couldn't do anything. Code 504 was the highest code and only Tribe leaders were known to know it. No one knew how but after accepting the Tribe Leaders position the information was downloaded in their subconscious mind itself as if obeying the Code was their utmost priority, as if they would die if they didn't.

As the dimly lit sky turned black, one could see the stars twinkling in the black expanse.

Arya walked in leisure towards Abdalla, the tribe leader, knew the Time is Ripe. He held a metallic staff, Tribe Leader staff, having few runes inscribed on it in the ancient texts. Wielding the staff he drew few runes on the ground and tapped in the center. If one saw from a birds eye view one will see an ancient rune defining 'Rig' on the ground. After a few minutes, the space in front of them started to ripple and both of them walked inside the it.

There was a flash and they were standing in front of a square inside a room filled with many runes which looked like circuits. Leading the way Abdalla walked in the front and Arya behind, a nostalgic look on his face. From the windows in the room one could see a vast land stretching as far as eye can see, with tall and sturdy towers as touching the sky. There were many futuristic ships flying, in the vast black expanse and many partitions can be seen on the ground. There was a big area which looked like a sci-fi movie space port devoid of people with few spaceships. Few Km ahead one could see a giant structure holding a big saucer shaped head and tall as reaching space. This city was known as The City of Praise. Home base of the Rig tribe. It was the real base of the tribe as the one on the real world was just its branch. It was located on a planet formed in the Mirror Dimension. There were three such cities on this planet, naming, Praise, Equal, Sacrifice.

After walking towards the entrance of the building, they were greeted by a steward and boarded a ship which led them toward the giant saucer like structure. As they reached the structure, they were greeted by an entourage of people wearing exoskeleton suits and caring rifles patrolling the structure premises. As they saw the tribe leader they saluted and went on doing their work. The Tribe leader and Arya went inside and boarded the elevator, after some commands and adding a drop of blood, the elevator started to move up.


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