Ancient One
2 The Start of New Era.
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Ancient One
Author :Ay82473
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2 The Start of New Era.

Year 2021, Earth, in a remote corner of Antarctica Continent.

On this dangerous and harmful continent, where you might freeze to death, a small black dot becomes visible. A dot small enough to be neglected, yet so dark that visible even from few KM on this white stretch. The radius of the dot goes on increasing till it becomes a s big as a door.

A door big enough for a Boeing to pass, yet not one being on this planet is aware of it. Suddenly, everything stops still, as if time itself has stopped, the air becomes stiff as if fearing something, the ground sinks as if trying to prostrate in front of a ruler. Pat! Pat! Pat! A person dressed in ancient black robe and a fiery red cape which looks as if drenched in blood, walking from the black expanse. The sound of his footstep echoing throughout the world.

Prana walks on this once familiar planet, his home, inhales a lungful of air.

"Ah! Home, missed you like anything. Lets see how have you been these days." A sweep from his hand and the air starts to flow again, the ground becomes normal and the black expanse behind his back closes again as if never such a thing happened. The man called Prana walks on the white stretch, a smile on his face and suddenly disappears as if walking in a painting.


Andromeda Galaxy, a fleet of spaceships strong enough to destroy any known entity in the vast universe is moving towards Earth.

Inside a humongous spaceship, which seemed like Planet in shape, was a big cabin. It had a throne made of some unknown metal, on the throne sat a middle-aged man which looked about 40 years of age, but in fact was the oldest person living in the entire Universe, named "Darco".

Darco sat on the throne with a lost look in his eyes, as if lost in solitude and longing for someone.

His eyes seem to penetrate the hull of ship and stretch towards the entire Galaxy. Suddenly the only door to this cabin opens and a man wearing a captain band walks towards Darco and kneels.

"Reporting to the commander, there seems to be some problem with the artifact",the captain said with his eyes as if touching the ground.

As soon as Darco hears his report, his whole aura changes.

Intense bloodlust filled the surroundings making it as if one was drowned in the coldest sea in the Universe. The captains back was filled with sweat and his head seemed to drop down further, as if afraid of even letting out a breath.

Darco, as if remembering something chuckles slightly and mentions the captain to lead him to the artifact room. The captain confused by the sudden change of commander's demeanor leads him to the artifact room. Outside the room stood two small rectangular droids for security. They seemed harmless, but people didn't know that if activated,the whole Universe would be shattered by its Impact. After entering the artifact room, one can see that there is nothing else in the room only a katana around 1.5 m in length having a sharp edge and a hilt as if made from wood. Beside the katana was a small object having a circular cylinder having various runes etched, if people from earth saw this they can immediately tell it was a musketeer, an ancient firearm.

The katana and the musketeer were both trembling as if excited about something, watching this the commander frowned, as if remembering something. The commanders face turns from a frown to pale then immediately red as if excited about something. Darco immediately turns around and runs towards his cabin, the captain confused runs to follow the commander but couldn't catch him.

Inside the cabin Darco holding a ancient looking metallic chip inserts it into a reader and plays it.

The recording starts with a man wearing an ancient robe and red cape. The same man caressing the katana and the musketeer. The man then looks towards Darco and says

"Darco, I know you want to follow me but I can't allow you to sacrifice your happiness because of me.

This is the personal weapon of master, master allowed me to keep this weapon as a keepsake for the clan. No matter what do not sully it, as it is a sin. They may keep the clan safe and sound, as only they can sense master's arrival in this realm. Remember do not sully its name as they are known as-"Axiom and Heaven".

After this the recording shuts off, but Darco notices the weapons trembling in the record.

Darco was 10 year old when he was shooting the recording, and still remembers the face his father had. Yes, the man in the recording was the father of Darco.

"Dad, where are you.....",tears streaming on his face.


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