After passion
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After passion
Author :Thoko
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After several exhausting - but also exciting - days is finally Friday and my first week of college almost over. I'm happy and looking forward to watching a few movies at the week-end as Steph is guaranteed to be back at some party and I'll have my rest. The fact that I now have the weekly schedules for all courses makes it a lot easier for me, because that's how I can work in advance.

With the bag over my shoulder, I make my way to the coffee shop to give me an extra shot of energy before the last seminar. "Tessa, right?" I suddenly hear a voice. When I turn around, I discover the girl with the pink-coloured hair standing behind me in line. I think Steph called her Molly. "Yes, that's right", I reply and turn back to the counter to avoid having to talk to her. "Are you coming to the party tonight?" She inquires unperturbed.

Since she probably just wants to make fun of me, I turn back to her with a sigh and just want to shake her head, as she adds: "You should definitely, that will be really great."

She strokes her thin fingers over a large elf tattooed on her forearm. After a short break, I say, "I'm sorry, I have other plans." I know that Zed would have liked to see you again. " I can only laugh at that, but she does not let herself be dissuaded "What? He just talked about you yesterday." "I doubt that very much ... but even if - I have a friend,"

I tell her, and her smile widens. "It's a pity, otherwise we would have been able to go as a double date.", She replies equivocally, and I thank the barista internally for calling my order at this moment. In a hurry, I reach for the mug too hectically, so that some coffee spills over the edge and scalds my hand. I curse softly. The main thing, the weekend does not continue. When Molly waves me goodbye, I smile without obligation.

Outside, their comments still go through my head. 'As a double date go out? With who? With her and Hardin? Are they really together? ' As nice and attractive as Zed may be, Noah is my friend, and I would never do anything that could hurt him. We did not talk much on the phone this week, but that's just because we were both so busy.

I plan to call him tonight and see how he is doing without me. After the coffee action and the strange encounter with Miss Pink, my day is improving. Landon and I had agreed to meet at the coffee shop before the course began. As if agreed, he leans against the brick wall outside and greets me with a big smile. "I forgot to tell you that I am only the first half today because I'm flying home for the weekend," he says.

I'm glad for him to be able to visit Dakota, but at the same time, I hate the idea of ​​spending the literature class without him, but with Hardin, if that ever happened. He was not there on Wednesday. Not that I paid much attention to it. "Already, but the semester has only just begun .." "It's her birthday, and I promised her months ago that I would be there."

He shrugs. In the seminar room, Hardin drops into his place next to me, but without saying a word, not even when Landon, as announced, leaves the room after thirty minutes. Somehow, I suddenly feel Hardin's presence next to me even more clearly. "On Monday, we'll start with Jane Austen's pride and prejudice, which will be our topic the entire week later," Professor Hill announces at the end of the seminar.

I do not hide my anticipation, I think I even squeak happily. I've read this novel at least ten times, and it's one of my absolute favourite books. Although Hardin did not speak to me during class, he now walks next to you. Given his mocking face, I think I know in advance what he's about to say. "Let me guess you've had a crush on Mr. Darcy." "Any woman who has read this book is that," I reply without looking at him. At the intersection at the beginning, I first shoot in both directions before crossing the street. "Of course," he laughs and follows me along the full sidewalk.

"I'm not surprised that you can not understand what makes Mr. Darcy so attractive." I have to think of the huge collection of books in Hardin's room. She can not possibly hear him. 'Or is it?' "A brazen, unbearable guy becomes a romantic hero? That's ridiculous, if Elizabeth had a spark of sanity, she would have told him right from the start that he should fuck himself."

His choice of words makes me laugh, but I quickly put my hand over my mouth. Honestly, I've just enjoyed our little fun and also his company, but it's only a matter of time - maybe three minutes - until he says something hurting again. When I raise my eyes, I see his grin with the dimples and notice again how good he looks, piercings or not. "So you agree with me that Elizabeth is pretty stupid?" He raises his eyebrow.

"No, she's one of the strongest and most complex fiction characters ever," I defend her with words from one of my favourite movies. He laughs again, and I can not help it either. After a few seconds, he suddenly notices who he is having fun with, because he suddenly falls silent. Something flashes in his eyes. "See you, Theresa." With these words he turns on his heel and disappears in the direction from which we came.

'What's wrong with him?' Before I can begin to analyse his behaviour, my cellphone rings. Noah's name lights up on the display. When I come, I have a bad conscience. "Hello Tess, actually I just wanted to write you back, but then I thought, I'll just call you."

Noah's tone seems a bit distant. "What are you doing right now? You sound busy." "No, just travelling to meet some people in the diner," he explains. "Ah, see, then let's make it short, I'm so happy that it's finally Friday, I can not wait for the weekend!" "Are you going to a party again? Your mom is still disappointed." Wait a minute - why did he tell my mother about it? I am glad that they get along well, but sometimes he seems like a little brother telling me something. I do not like this comparison, but it does. But instead of arguing with him, I just say,

"No, I'm staying home this weekend, I miss you." "Me too, Tess, that's fine, call me later, will you?" I promise it, and before we hang up, we still say "I love you." When I come to our room, Steph is about to style himself for a party again. Probably the one in Hardin's liaison house that Molly told. I log in to Netflix and watch the film selection. "Oh, Tess, come on, I promise you, we will not stay overnight this night, just come for a short time, watching movies alone in this mini room is hell!" whines Steph, and I have to laugh.

She keeps trying to persuade me while teasing her hair and trying on three different outfits before deciding on a green dress that does not leave anything to the imagination at all. However, I have to admit that the bright color really goes well with her red hair. Somehow I envy her for her self-confidence. Although I'm self-confident to some extent, I know my hips and bosom are bigger than most women my age.

That's why I usually wear garments that cover my luscious bust, while Steph wants to get everyone's attention. "I know, I know ..." I do not want to contradict her. Then suddenly the screen of my laptop turns black, and although I press the power button and wait ... and wait ... nothing happens anymore. The monitor stays dark.

This is a sign that you should come along. My laptop is in the apartment at Nate, you can borrow it then, "she said with a grin and continues to work on her hair. As I watch her, I realise that I really do not want to sit here alone without doing anything or being able to distract myself. "All right," I finally say, whereupon she jumps up and down with joy and claps her hands. "But we'll go before twelve."


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