After passion
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After passion
Author :Thoko
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Hardin has already disappeared, which I think is great, because maybe then I will not have to see him for the rest of the evening. In view of the many people, this is quite likely. I follow Steph and Nate into the full living room, where someone hands me a red mug. When I refuse with a polite "No thanks," it's already too late, and I have no idea who gave it to me.

So I put him on a table and continue with the other two through the house until we come to some people who are standing around a couch. Judging by their appearance, they are probably friends of Steph, because they also have all the tattoos. Unfortunately, Hardin is sitting on the right side of the sofa, but I avoid looking at him when Steph introduces me to the greeting.

"This is Tessa, my new roommate, since she arrived here yesterday, I wanted to make sure she had fun on her first weekend at the WCU." One by one nods to me or smiles at me. They all seem very friendly, except for Hardin, of course.

A pretty handsome guy with an olive brown complexion shakes his hand. She is cool from his drink, but his smile is warm. I think I see something metallic flashing on his tongue, but before I know for sure he's shut his mouth.

"I'm Zed, what are you studying?" He inquires. I notice how his gaze wanders over my loose dress, but he only grins slightly and says nothing. "English," I reply proudly and smile. Hardin snorts, but I just ignore him. "Great," Zed said. "I'm interested in flowers." Because he laughs, I laugh for a moment. 'Flowers? What's that about?'

"Do you like something to drink?", He asks me before I can continue to inquire about the flowers. "Uh, no thanks, I'm not drinking alcohol." Zed tries to hide his smile. "Typically Steph, dragging a spoiled princess," murmurs a petite girl with dyed hair. I try to pretend that I have not heard anything. Pampered princess? I am neither spoiled nor a princess, but I have worked hard and learned a lot to get where I am now, and since my father left, my mother is working like a fool to give me a good future enable.

"I'll go to the fresh air," I say, because I really want to avoid a drama. As long as I do not even have friends here, I do not want to make enemies. "Should I come with you?" Steph calls after me. I shake my head and steer for the door. I should not have come here.

Instead, I could now lie comfortably in my pyjamas in bed and read a book. I could skype with Noah, which I really miss. Even sleeping would be better than sitting around with a few drunks that I do not even know. I decide to write Noah. As it seems to be the quietest place, I go over to the edge of the front yard.

'I miss you. So far, college is not great. ' Then I sit down on the stone wall and wait. A few girls, who are full, run giggling past, almost tripping over their own feet. Noah answers almost immediately: 'Why not? I miss you too, Tessa. I wish I could be with you.' I have to smile at his words. "Shit, sorry!", A male voice lolls beside me. A second later, I feel the cold liquid drenching my dress in front. The guy stumbles again and clings to the wall.

"My fault, really," he mumbles and sits down. Worse, this party can not be more. First, this girl calls me spoiled, and now my dress is full of some alcohol and whatever else - it really stinks. Sighing, I make my way with my mobile phone in my hand to look for a bathroom. In the crowded hallway, I try every door, but none give way.

I do not even want to think about what the people in the rooms are doing behind it. Finally, I continue my search for a bath on the first floor. Finally, one of the doors can be opened. Unfortunately, it's not a bathroom, but a bedroom and - even more unpleasant - one in which Hardin lies across the bed, while the pink-haired girl sits astride him and kisses him.

She turns around and looks at me, but I stand there as solid. "Can I help you somehow?" She hisses. Hardin sits down under her. His expression is expressionless - neither amused nor embarrassed. He probably does it all the time. He's probably used to getting caught in sex with some women. "Uh ... no, I'm sorry, I ... I'm looking for a toilet, somebody poured his drink over me,"

I explain hastily. O man, is that embarrassing! When she starts to nuzzle Hardin's neck, I quickly look away. The two seem to fit together well. Both tattooed, both brash. "Anything else? Keep searching!" She rolls her eyes. I nod, leave the room hurriedly and lean against the closed door for a moment, heart pounding.

So far, college really is not fun. I just can not believe that a party like this is supposed to be great. Instead of continuing to search for a bathroom, I decide to clean myself in the kitchen.

By no means do I want to open a door again and catch slapped, hormonal college students in bed. The kitchen is not hard to find, but it's hell, because here in buckets of ice cubes is the alcohol. Towers made of pizza boxes are stacked on the worktop. In order to get a paper towel and make it wet, I have to grab around a brunette who is vomiting into the sink.

As I rub the cloth over my dress, little white lint sticks to the wet stain, it just makes it worse. I moan in frustration. "Well, are you having a good time?" Nate asks, appearing next to me. I am relieved to see a familiar face. In addition, he smiles at me friendly. "Not really ... how long do such parties normally take?" "All night ... and half the next day." He laughs as I stare at him. When will Steph want to go? Hopefully soon.

"Wait!" Slowly I get panic. "Who drives us back?", I want to know from him, because suddenly my bloodshot eyes stand out. "Do not know ... you can take my car if you want." "That's very nice, but it does not work, if I have an accident or someone stops me and I have minors in the car who drank, I get pretty annoyed."

I can only picture my mother's face too well if she takes me out of jail on bail. "Oh well, it's not far - just take my car, you did not even have a drink, otherwise you have to stay here, or I can ask, if anyone -"

"No, not necessary, I'll take care of it myself," I can say, before someone turns up the music and pretty much everything goes down in bass and jubilation. My decision to go to that party always feels stupid the later it gets.


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