After passion
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After passion
Author :Thoko
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Immediately my alarm clock should ring. I'm already awake half the night, count the joints of the ceiling boarding and go through my mind in my timetable. Other people count sheep, I plan. My thoughts never break, and even today, the most important in my eighteen years, is no exception. "Tessa!", I hear my mother calling from below.

Groaning, I roll out of my tiny bed. I put the sheet back between the mattress and the bed and smooth it out because that's the last morning I have to do it. As of today, this room is no longer my home. "I'm up!" I call back. At the clatter of the kitchen cabinets, I realise that she is just as excited and nervous as I am. I have a proper knot in my stomach, and on the way to the bathroom I wish that the tension will be reduced during the day. All my life so far I have worked towards today: my first day in college.

For years, I'm looking forward to this moment. The weekend I learned to be as well prepared as possible, while the others went out, drank - or what else teenagers like to get into trouble with. Not me. I sat cross-legged in the evening on the living room floor and learned while my mother told me about the latest Gossip and spent hours running the shopping channel looking for beauty tips.

When the pledge to study at Washington Central University came, I was immensely happy - and my mother howled with joy for several hours. At some point I was proud that the many hard work had been worthwhile. Not only had I been accepted by the college of my dreams, but due to our low income, I had enough grants that I only had to accept a small amount of chalk.

For a single moment, only for a moment, had I considered studying elsewhere than in Washington. But when I saw all the color disappear from my mother's face and she walked up and down the living room for almost an hour, I quickly assured her that I did not really mean it.

As soon as I'm in the shower, my cramped muscles relax a bit. I let the hot water patter on my shoulders and try to bring peace to my thoughts, which unfortunately does not really work. I dream so long, until the warm water after shower gel and shampoo barely enough to shave at least my lower legs.

When I wrap a towel, my mother calls for me again. Because I know she's nervous, I forgive her. Nevertheless, I take the time to blow-dry. After all, I have planned this day for months down to the smallest detail. Only one of us can turn into a wreck, and so I'm not the one, I have to stick to my plan exactly.

My hands are shaking as I close the zipper of my dress. I probably would have put on something else, but my mother insisted. Finally, I win against the closure and get me quickly my favourite sweater out of the closet. As soon as I'm dressed, I calm down, but only until I see a small crack in the sleeve of my sweater.

I'll put him on the bed and hurry up, knowing my mother will be more and more impatient with every second that passes. My friend Noah will be here soon to come. He is one year younger than me, but soon turns eighteen. Noah is great, has only the best grades, and - so exciting! - He plans to come to the WCU* next year as well.

If only we could start together now, especially because I know no one there. But Noah has fortunately promised to visit me as often as possible. Now I only need a usable roommate. That's all I want, and at the same time the only thing that I can not influence with any plan.


"Mother, I'm coming! Please do not shout like that," I call down the stairs on the way. Noah sits opposite my mother at the table staring at his wristwatch. His blue polo shirt fits his light blue eyes, and he has styled the blond hair perfectly with gel. "Hey, college girl!" He gets up and smiles brightly at me. He pulls me close and I close my mouth as I smell his intense aftershave. Yeah, that's really exaggerating it sometimes. "Hello." I'm also beaming at him so he will not know how nervous I am and tie my dark blond hair into a braid. "Darling, the few minutes we have now, that you can make your hair right." my mother comments.

When I look in the mirror, I nod. She is right. Today, my hairstyle should really sit, and of course she can not help but remind me. Actually, I should have screwed my hair, as she likes it, as a small farewell gift. "I'll bring your bags in the car." offers Noah.

After he kissed me on the cheek, he disappears outside with his luggage and my mother follows him. The second round styling ends better than the first one. One last time I ride the lint roller over my gray dress. When I finally leave the house and go to the packed car, the butterflies in my belly dance wildly around, and I'm glad that I have the two-hour ride over time to scare them away.

I have no idea what college will be like, and all at once I can only think of one thing:

Will I find friends there?

* Washington Central University


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