After passion
1 Prolog
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After passion
Author :Thoko
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1 Prolog

The college always seemed to be as important as deciding the value and future of a person. We live in a time where people first ask you where you studied before asking for the surname. From an early age I was really drilled to take care of my education. This became so important to me at some point that my work almost bordered on obsession.

Ever since the first day of high school, each subject and project has been about whether I'll make it to college later. And not for any - no, my mother had decided that I'd have to go to Wahsington Central University, the same college she studied herself but did not graduate.

I had no idea that college is not just about studying. I would never have thought that the selection of courses for the first semester would seem to me to be completely unimportant only a few months later. I was pretty naive then, and somehow I am still. But I could not know what to expect. The first encounter with my roommate was intense and strange, and the one with her wild friends was even weirder.

They were all so different from the people I had dealt with so far. Their appearance intimidated me, and it puzzled me that they did not care about rules and structures. I soon joined in her madness - and enjoyed it ...

And then he sneaked into my heart. From our first encounter, Hardin changed my life like no other course could have done. My life was suddenly similar to the movies I considered a teen, and those ridiculous stories were suddenly a reality for me. Would I have done anything different if I had known what would happen? I'm not sure. I would like to answer that question with a clear yes or no, but I can not.

Sometimes I'm just thankful and completely lost in my passion, so I can no longer judge clearly and just see him. Then again, I think about how much he hurt me, feel the grief for the person I once was, like a sting, think of the chaotic moments in which I had the feeling that my world is upside down - then it is Answer not as easy as it used to be. Only one thing I know for sure: My life and my heart will never be the same again. Not after Hardin stormed in.


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