A Slave who became Emperor
128 The hidden horizon
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A Slave who became Emperor
Author :Aishwaryav
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128 The hidden horizon

Raj guru and The Sorcerer were traveling with a small troop of men given by Pinaka. They were heading towards the Kailash Parvat. (Mount Kailash). Mount Kailash was said to be the abode of lord Shiva along with Goddess Parvati and his sons Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikeya. Lord Shiva's troops (Pramada Ganas) too were believed to live there.

This Mount Kailash is very sacred, and no one is supposed to set foot on this mountain as it would be considered as an offense to Lord Shiva and his family. According to Mythology, Lord Shiva is one of the Thrimurthis ( three most powerful Gods) and he is responsible for Laya - the process of coming out of the wheel of re-incarnation and attaining salvation or Moksha.

Near this Mount Kailash is the beautiful fresh water lake called - Manas Sarovar. This is considered as a very sacred lake. It is the highest fresh water lake in the world. The mountain also has a description in Vishnu Purana, according to which the four sides of the mountain are made up of ruby, crystal, lapis and gold. It is said to be 'the pillar of the world' (meru mountain or su meru) and it symbolises a lotus for its location at the middle of six mountain ranges. Lake Mans Sarovar is believed to be the first lake created in the mind of Brahma( created in his mind-Manas stands for mind; Sarovar means lake; hence the name Manas Sarovar).

Raj Guru looked at the sorcerer and said,' the gate way to the horizon opens in twenty days, we need to reach there before Shameen . ' the sorcerer said, ' why didn't we do a soul travel instead..' Raj Guru said, ' no my friend, we need to enter the gateway physically, only sages and yogis whose soul attains true salvation can enter the gateway without a physical body..' the sorcerer said,' Raj guru, will many people enter the gate way?' Raj Guru shook his head and said, ' oh no, only those who can visualize the path..can enter.... the path to the gateway to the hidden horizon is invisible to the naked eye..it is only visible to people who attained a certain level in the soul power..' the sorcerer said, ' can you sense Shameen?' Raj guru closed his eyes, he smiled and said, ' oh yes, she is traveling, but all alone..'

Shameen was traveling towards the Kailash Mountain, she suddenly felt a soul presence, she smiled and said, ' Raj guru.. I know it's you!'

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    《A Slave who became Emperor》