A Hero's Journey
41 End, or a new beginning?
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A Hero's Journey
Author :SlyOW
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41 End, or a new beginning?

The remaining six were clung together and looking at me in fear. I smirked and rushed at them, both swords facing the ground on each side. As I arrived they screamed on top of their lungs to give themselves some courage, and rushed at me too.

As I was about to clash with them, I raised both my sword, and threw the one in my left hand in the middle of them all. The group had to jump on each side, successfully splitting the group in two, with four on the ground.

I now only had a sword in my right hand. Did I say dual wielding? I lied. I slashed my sword and clashed with the sword of the one on my right. But I instantly overwhelmed him with my strength because he couldn't muster his due to his fear.

His sword out of the way, and the momentum of mine making me unable to slash him, I instead used the momentum of my falling sword to do a high kick, eliminating one.

One foot in the air, my upper body near the ground, four enemies on the ground about to get up, and one other slashing at me. Not the best situation…

But I can do. I was still turning a little on myself, so using my momentum I threw my sword at one still on the ground, freeing my hand. The sword pierced through his tight, impaling him on the ground.

With both my hands, I pushed the ground, avoiding the slash coming at me, and then jumped at him, strangling him with my legs. I could stay in that position and suffocate him, but the three others had already gotten up, and weren't intending to let me.

As I was pondering on what I should do, a body crashed into the three packed robbers. I recognized it as the Shocker's. I looked at where it came from and saw Spider Man panting lightly, trying to hide his injured arm.

I nodded to him and continued strangling my enemy until he fell unconscious. I did not get up and sat on the ground, recuperating as I was too tired. At the beginning the one impaled in the ground was wailing like a pig getting slaughtered, but he had fainted because of the pain.

I suddenly saw a hand in front of me, and raising my head I saw Spider Man. I took his hand and got up, and suddenly got overwhelmed by the cheers of the hostages. I looked and smiled wryly. It seems I won't be able to hide, if only I hadn't been so impulsive…

Dumby said [Stop it it's better revealing yourself than letting them die.] I nodded and heard Peter ask" I'm curious, why did you throw one of your swords earlier?" I chuckled and replied" Because dual wielding is only something from video games or movies made to look cool.

In reality it is highly impractical, you aren't faster and it leaves more holes in you defense than normal sword wielding." I neared his ear and whispered" But I think you should go, before people see that you aren't at the toilets anymore, Tiger."

Tiger was a nickname MJ had given Peter not long ago, it was funny to use. Peter froze and looked at me, but nodded and disappeared.

As soon as he jumped the previously locked doors were forced opened, and members of the special forces barged in. They were pointing their guns around, and stopped the cheers. But for them to enter they had to know the robbers were down.

They quickly secured the entire building, getting Peter out of the toilets, and got us outside. Outside a crowd had gathered, along with a lot of noise. Many policemen were blocking the civilians, as well as the reporters.

They had helped the bank employee that tried to defend himself and fortunately he was okay, not in mortal danger I mean.

There was also ambulances, waiting for us. I was walking next to MJ, Liz and Peter, but I could feel everyone's gaze on me, every hostage was looking at me like a hero.

The reporters were trying to interrogate us on what happened, but the police shooed them away again and led us to the ambulances. They did a quick checkup on everyone but fortunately no one was injured. But many were in shock.

But the most shocking thing… [Stop the puns.]… was that the little girl from earlier was still as joyful as ever. Soon they released us and the reporters swarmed us.

I tried to avoid them and just get out with the others, but just as I was about to succeed, I felt a chill and saw many of the hostages point at me. Soon all the reporters ran toward me. MJ, Liz and Peter chuckled and abandoned me to the monsters that are the reporters.

As they arrived they began fighting each other, all shooting at each other. I frowned and said" One by one." Surprisingly they did stop and looked at me expectantly. I sighed and said to the New York Times" Shoot it."

A beautiful girl holding a mic smiled and asked" Is it true that you teamed up with Spider Man to defeat those robbers?" I nodded and replied" I could do something to help so I couldn't just sit there." She asked" But you could have died."

I smiled and replied" Spider Man could have too." She frowned and added" But he has powers." I smiled and replied" And I am the Sword Master."


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